The best god-killing games worth playing

The best god-killing games worth playing


2021-12-21 09:28:45

If you are a fan of fighting with the gods, you should not miss these games

Asura’s Wrath

Asura was once a demigod who dedicated himself to serving the Emperor’s reign with the title of Shogun. However, he was tricked by another demigod, Deus, and accused of assassinating the Emperor. Not only that, he was also removed from the position of 8 guardian angels, and the remaining members were gradually reformed into 7 evil gods. Each evil god represents a human crime and even though Asura is still the winner in the end, the confrontation with Wyzen is the most difficult and intense confrontation, you are really fighting against so divine.

God Of War III

In the first 3 parts of GOW, Kratos made all the gods in Greek mythology, including Zeus, the supreme god on Mount Olympus and also his biological father.


And when Kratos opened Pandora’s box, fear and alienation overflowed and Zeus allowed it to possess him. After time travel, Kratos organizes an attack on Olympus with the help of Gaia and the Titans. And despite many difficulties, Kratos was finally able to knock Zeus down and stab him with the Blade of Olympus. With Kratos’ god-slaying feat, part 3 is the best because it is also the end of Greek mythology.

God Eater


This is a game in the series of monster cassava games set in a post-apocalyptic setting, when humanity was extinct and only a very few survived. Earth is now attacked by huge monsters with supernatural powers. But fortunately, humans have created powerful weapons capable of countering these huge monsters. And you will play as a rookie to join the army to destroy monsters and save the world.


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