The Bird That Drinks Tears – Project from PUBG developer with dark and mysterious colors

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2022-09-22 14:17:02

This is a game that will be completely adapted by the developer of PUBG from a famous novel of the same name from Korea with the hope of creating a new success in the future.

Developer of PUBG – Krafton recently announced a trailer to introduce a new game of the company called The Bird That Drinks Tears with a lot of promises that this will be a super successful product in the future.

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It is known that this is a game inspired by the plot and image based on the original novel from a Korean novelist. The Bird That Drinks Tears introduced as an extremely elaborate investment product from the developer of kimchi, even Hollywood artists were invited to help make this game more realistic, completely simulating the original novel. theory.

According to the introduction from Krafton, this game is built on Unreal Engine 5 The most advanced with the aim of highlighting the dark, mysterious colors for The Bird That Drinks Tears. The trailer was made up Iain McCaiga famous Hollywood concept art expert, has participated in famous game projects such as Star Wars and Marvel.

Current side Krafton continues to develop game development projects from books when constantly recruiting the best people from all over the world to realize their ambitions. What the company is most interested in right now is expanding the world of The Bird That Drinks Tears in the world game industry, thereby implementing more unique adaptation projects in the future.

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The game doesn’t have an official release date yet, but a website for The Bird That Drinks Tears has been created. readers interested in this product can visit the game’s homepage at THIS for more information.

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