The community complains that the prices of some old champions are a bit high

The community complains that the prices of some old champions are a bit high

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2023-01-21 10:35:51

League of Legends fans are not satisfied when some champions, even though they have been released for a long time, still cost 6300 Blue Essence, an expensive number for many newbies.

As a longtime game, League of Legends has developed since 2008 and achieved many great and small achievements. Up to now, the game still captures the love of a large number of fans. To make the game not boring, Riot always tries to create new and unique champions. However, in theory when a new champion is released, the price of some older champions should be reduced. But this was not true for the game League of Legends.

Recently, a post on Reddit pointed out that Riot is “ignoring” the champ price adjustments since Akshan’s debut. This has made many fans feel dissatisfied with Riot’s actions, even though they still edit champion prices in the game’s client.

Reddit users discovered that Riot has not updated the champion price change plan since the launch of Akshan

However, the problem of League of Legends in recent years when Riot no longer released too many champions in a year. Since 2019, Riot usually only launches 4 to 5 champions in a year. This means that there are many champions that have been released for more than 6 years but still cost up to 6300 Tinh Hoa Lam in the store – a price that is quite far away for new LoL accounts.

Recently, with the launch of K’Sante, Riot reduced the price of Aurelion Sol to only 4800 Blue Essence. If Milo or Naafiri is released, the list of champions that are discounted will be extended. In Riot’s list, Taliyah will be the next champion to receive a discount if a new champion is released.

The next champion that Riot will lower the price is expected to be Taliyah

In this 2023, Riot revealed their plan to launch 4 more new champions. This also means that there will be a few more champions at a discount, most likely Camille, Xayah and Rakan. However, this speed is still too slow, fans hope that Riot will pay more attention to balance the reasonable prices for many champions that have been released for a long time, to help new players easily access new options. than.

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