The community discovered a new ‘map hack tool’ in Summoner’s Rift

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2023-01-25 15:25:55

After the 2023 Pre-Season period ended, League of Legends suddenly appeared a new tool to help players control vision like a professional player.

As you know, in the 2023 Pre-Season, League of Legends players can get 5 gold when pinging the eye that the opponent has just plugged. According to many fans, Riot Games is trying to increase the quality of the game by increasing communication between players via ping.

However, this is also a loophole that makes League of Legends appear some kind of “hack map” tool with the ability to ping all eyes on the map, and this tool creates “green areas” that allow users to move. out of the enemy’s line of sight.

Very quickly, League of Legends appeared a tool with the ability to “dodge vision” from the opponent’s eyes.

Of course, basically, this type of ping does not help the player “increase the economy” from the amount of gold when pinging the ward, because these 5 gold will be deducted from the total amount of gold received when destroying the ward. In addition, many gamers believe that at high levels, players can completely “dodge” and move outside of sight from the detected eyes.

However, this is still the type of tool that is making many gamers extremely uncomfortable, because it greatly affects the outcome of the match as well as the fairness of League of Legends.

In addition, some players suspect that this tool can also ping enemy eyes that are outside of their own vision, even if they do not receive gold, they will recognize the vision that the opponent is controlling, which makes This tool is as effective as “hack map”. Currently, the League of Legends community is still talking about this new tool.

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