The essay describes a time when you have achieved a worthy achievement

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In the exercise of writing expressive paragraphs about people, events, Literature 7, Creative horizon, semester I, students will be able to write an essay expressing their feelings about the time they achieved an achievement. Memorable. Check out the sample essay below for more writing ideas!

The essay describes a time when you have achieved a memorable achievement

Outline and Sample essay expressing your feelings about a time when you achieved a memorable achievement

Expressing their feelings about themselves when achieving a memorable achievement is in the topic of Writing expressive essays about people and events, students can refer to them together so that when they meet similar articles, they can write good and easy writing.

I. Outline expressing your feelings about the time you achieved a memorable achievement:

1. Opening lesson: Introduce and express general feelings about a memorable achievement.

2. Body:
– State your feelings:
+ In the process of achieving achievements: feeling excited, sometimes seemingly desperate, but receiving encouragement from everyone, continue to try.
+ When achieving achievements: happy, happy because the effort has been rewarded.

3. Conclusion: Affirm feelings and emotions about the object.

II. Sample essay expressing your feelings about a time when you achieved a memorable achievement:

1. Sample essay expressing your feelings about a time when you achieved a memorable achievement – sample number 1:

With passion and enthusiasm, our class 7A10 excellently won the first prize in the “Folk dance” competition. It can be said that this is a very memorable achievement and left a lot of impressions on me!

To welcome the new school year, the school launched the “Folk dance competition”. When I heard about the content of the contest, I was extremely looking forward to it. My friends and I quickly discussed and came up with ideas about the musical performance that our class would participate in. I am enthusiastic to build opinions, express my thoughts and views. In the end, we came to the decision to dance Flashmob to the music “Go to Vietnam!” by singer Son Tung M-TP.

During a month before the concert, after school, me and my friends stayed to practice. I had a lot of fun and happy moments with my dear friends. We practice together, correct each other’s movements and overcome our weaknesses. In the end, we were able to reach the harmony in every move.

After many days of rehearsals, the show also took place. Standing behind the wings, my heart beats wildly with each beat of the music. I was both scared and worried. When I went on stage, I received enthusiastic applause from the friends sitting below, I felt like I was energized. Although very crowded, the lineup was still extremely even. At the end of the performance, I breathed a sigh of relief because everything was fine and successful. In the end, me and my friends burst with emotion when she announced that the class had won the first prize.

Although this is only a small achievement, it shows the unremitting efforts of the entire 7A10 class. I am very proud of the results that I and you have achieved. I hope the class will achieve more outstanding achievements in the future.

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Sample essay expressing your feelings about a memorable achievement that you have achieved

2. Sample essay expressing your feelings about a time when you achieved a memorable achievement – sample number 2:

Although it’s been almost three days since I won the gold medal in swimming, I still feel extremely happy and excited! This is an achievement that I have worked so hard to achieve! Looking at the gold medal hanging on the wall, my heart was filled with emotions and fluttering.

I was considered by everyone to have a talent for swimming since I was a child. Every time I go swimming, I make you “cross-eyed” with my skillful swimming lines. As soon as the district level “Phu Dong Health Association” exam was announced, I quickly registered with the teacher. Since that day, every day, I spend from 30 minutes to 1 hour after each class to practice. I can practice all kinds of swimming, from stroke, butterfly to backstroke, breaststroke. No swimming style can make it difficult for you.

On the day of the exam, I showed up early to prepare everything. I am very nervous, looking forward to my exam. I’m in row 3 from the left. As soon as the contest signal sounded, she jumped into the water and began to show off her talent. In the first round, I finished second. Continuing to the second round, my rank was dropped by one rank. At that time, I was extremely worried about the final result. Only one more round and all will “fall”. This is also the round with the most points. Therefore, I quickly regained my spirit and determined to win. As soon as I jumped into the pool, I used all my strength to reach the finish line. I felt like my body was like a fish wading through a river. When the hand reaches the finish line, the whistle blows. Looking up at the leaderboard, I know I’ve finished first. I was so touched and happy that I couldn’t stop the tears rolling down my cheeks.

The moment I got on the podium to receive medals, flowers and awards, I felt so proud of myself. That award is very important because it gives me strength to fulfill my dream.

3. Sample essay expressing your feelings about a time when you achieved a memorable achievement – sample number 3:

Every time I sit at the desk, look at the certificate of merit hanging neatly on the wall, my heart is filled with emotions. Memories of the days when studying for the exams of good students rushed back to my mind. Looking back, I feel so proud of myself!

Ever since I was a child, I have had a special love for numbers. Every time he answered a quiz correctly, he received encouraging words from his mother. My mother’s encouragement and praise made me even more passionate about math.

In first grade, I was able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide two numbers. In class, I was called a “math prodigy” by teachers and friends. I love that name. After each class, I spend a lot of time doing different types of lessons. Soon, I was able to solve most of the advanced problems.

In my second year of high school, I continued to hold the top spot in my class in Math. No one can do better than me. Since then, I have always been loved by the homeroom teacher. She nominated me to participate in the school-level competition for excellent students. In the days that followed, I always tried to practice with her. There are many interesting and interesting problems in the series. Every time I finish a problem, I feel extremely satisfied. However, I can’t always find a solution to that problem. Every time like that, I see myself a little inferior. Understanding that, the teacher encouraged and helped me. On the first test, I got an almost perfect result. I’m so happy! From that time until the official exam day, I worked hard day and night to do my homework. In the end, the result was as I expected. I am the only contestant to win the first prize in high school Mathematics. The day I received the award and gave a speech in front of the whole school, I was teary-eyed and couldn’t contain my happiness.

That award is not only a recognition for my efforts but it is also a motivation to help me pursue my dream! I am really proud of the results I have achieved.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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