The final of the ROG HIU Young League 2022 officially took place at Hong Bang International University

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2022-11-29 21:21:02

In order not to miss an attractive playground for this community, let’s find out what exciting things await gamers at the Finals of ROG HIU Young League 2022.

After going through a tough competition, the Mobile ROG HIU Young League tournament has reached the final stage between universities in Ho Chi Minh City. This event will be held at the campus of Hong Bang International University on November 27, 2022. Gamers and students can freely participate completely free.

Tournament venue information

Time: 09:00 AM on 11/27/2022

Venue: Bethoven Hall – Hong Bang International University 215 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Information about activities

At this event, in addition to fiery matches between universities, ROG HIU Young League 2022 also features many entertainment activities from sponsors and organizations such as ROG Phone, ESCA, Mot Game, UEG and even Team Flash’s own booth. Attendees and gamers can register, check-in, and play minigames to bring home a ton of exclusive and exciting rewards.

The main event of the day must be the final of the Mobile ROG HIU Young League 2022. Teams will compete against each other right at the Bethoven hall of Hong Bang International University. Not only that, the audience can also watch the matches live at the venue with a reasonably arranged audience area to be able to meet the needs of students to watch the tournament.

Information of competing teams

With a brief overview of the teams that will participate in the final match, Team Savage and Virtual Reality of Hong Bang University will welcome two excellent opponents who have just won tickets to the next round after a series of intense quarterfinals. HUTECH and FPT Polytechnic. On November 27, 2022, Team Savage will have a confrontation with HUTECH and FPT Polytechnic will compete with Virtual Reality to find the last 2 names, participating in the grand final.


The final match day of the ROG HIU Young League 2022 tournament will include 4 main series:

Semifinals 1 (9:50 AM): Team Savage vs HUTECH
Semi-Final 2(11:50 AM): Virtual Reality vs FPT Polytechnic
Showmatch exchange (3:00PM)
General Final (4:00 PM): Winner of Semi-Final 1 vs Winner of Semi-Final 2

Not stopping there, students who are passionate about Lien Quan Mobile when attending the event will also have the opportunity to witness members of the professional team participating in competition with teams and fans. , promises to create an extremely explosive and attractive Finals day.

Attend the Finals of the ROG HIU Young League 2022 on November 27th to receive a series of attractive gifts as well as immerse yourself in the professional yet equally eSports atmosphere. Have fun and youthfulness of campus students!

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