The hidden corner leading to SN.Bin’s departure is revealed in the documentary LPL

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2022-01-02 13:14:51

Many questions from fans about SN.Bin’s departure were fully answered in the documentary about the LPL teams.

The 2021 season has ended with many unpredictable changes in the LPL region. We can easily see the teams that attended Worlds 2020 such as Top Esports, Suning, JD Gaming, LGD Gaming all had to stay in their hometowns to watch the tournament. In particular, the Suning team, which had stirred up the arena a year earlier and had a large fan base in Vietnam, had internal problems leading to a “difficult” achievement this year.

It can be seen that, for the whole 2021 season, the “LPL lions” did not achieve high performance, leading to the inability to go deep into the inner rounds. It was thought that Suning’s degradation came from their parting with the experienced Support SwordArt, leading to the lack of a real leader and call team when playing.

However, the latest LPL documentary footage of the Suning team has exposed all the reasons why they failed completely in the last 2021 season. Accordingly, the main flaw of the team came from the play of the laners SN.Bin and Sofm who could not get along with each other the way they had a close relationship outside. The two do not have the same voice from the deployment of the squad to the big fights.

The hidden corner leading to SN Bin's departure is revealed in the documentary LPL

For SN.Bin, he is an excellent player in carry play and with jungle support at all times, he can carry the world. But with Sofm, this is a team game and there are many goals to aim for in a game like gank mid and bots, dragons, barons, towers, not just a 2 player game. Of course, SN.Bin has to play according to what Sofm and his teammates set out and the results are what happened last season.

The hidden corner leading to SN Bin's departure is revealed in the documentary LPL

After all, Sofm and Bin still maintain a very good relationship with the proof that SofM also donated to Xiaohu to ask him to “take care” Bin instead of SofM. Believe that, with the decision of the WBG coaching staff, both brothers will make strong strides in the upcoming 2022 Spring LPL tournament.

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