The identity of the female streamer most searched by gamers in 2021

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2022-01-01 00:20:45

Closing the last day of 2021, the Vietnamese game village has experienced a year full of ups and downs: A series of popular streamers “explode” the good news from having children to having a girlfriend, and vice versa. scandals that shook the online community.

After a series of scandals that attracted public opinion, the streamers most sought by the Vietnamese community were not the “hells and sisters” in the streamer village such as Tu Hoang Streamer, Misthy, Linh Ngoc Dam,… Instead Then, the most searched female streamer in Vietnam 2021 is Cat 2k4.

More specifically about the reason for being named in Google’s “divine table”, female streamer Cat 2k4 was caught in a scandal of revealing 18+ clips earlier this year. The female streamer’s case is a shocking topic and has been discussed by the Vietnamese gaming community for a long time.


At the time the hot clip was spread on the internet, many people mistakenly thought that this girl was not yet 16 years old (due to taking the name Cat 2k4), moreover, a “scandalous” character in the game industry, Be Chanh, was also named. , so this case is even more controversial. But according to the information shared, the female streamer was born in 1999 and her real name is Nguyen Hoa.




After that scandal, Cat 2k4 took a while to regain her spirit and faced many difficulties, but in the end she gradually overcame her guilt to regain the image of a beloved female idol in the world. Lien Quan Mobile Viet village.

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