The League of Legends community asked Riot Games to ‘delete’ Udyr Killer because he was too strong

The League of Legends community asked Riot Games to ‘delete’ Udyr Killer because he was too strong

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2023-01-18 22:00:02

The gameplay of Udyr Killer is an obsession with many gamers because of its ability to put extremely ‘magical’ damage.

As soon as the Pre-Season period was announced, the meta of League of Legends completely changed compared to the previous season. High-ranked players have gradually ‘invented’, so a lot of ‘unique’ gameplay is equally effective and powerful. One of them, can be mentioned is the Udyr gameplay on equipment that provides Lethality.

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    This item build immediately proved surprisingly effective for Udyr as it provided the champion with massive damage stacking, extremely annoying pursuit with the item Dark Claw. Meanwhile, with his Gladiator, Udyr possesses a relatively strong base index and when it comes to pure damage, this general is also very difficult to be defeated as quickly as other Assassin champions. .

    Although creating a new gameplay is commendable, proving that League of Legends is still very interesting and worth playing, not being stereotyped, but the case of Udyr Kill in season 13 is making the gaming community feel extremely comfortable. uncomfortable. Recently, an article on Reddit asking Riot to ‘delete’ this gameplay has also received a lot of support from gamers after only 1 day of posting.

    Lethality Udyr needs to go. from leagueoflegends

    “Why hasn’t Riot nerfed AD Udyr yet? This may not be the strongest build, but it’s extremely annoying as it allows Udyr to one-shot anyone regardless of tank or champion due to the high ATK bonus. unreasonably. Please remove the Udyr of Killing from the game.”

    Indeed, this gameplay sounds simple, but it is extremely difficult to counter when Udyr’s skill set is almost all of the ‘pointing to the head’ type. That is, there is no need to use orientation. In addition, equipping Dark Claw allows Udyr the ability to approach too quickly, and increase the amount of damage taken for a short period of time.

    Hopefully Riot Games will reduce the power of this gameplay or create ways to counter Lethal Udyr in the future to minimize the discomfort of this item build.

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