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2021-12-25 15:22:01

The Legend of Tianding is a side-scrolling action game that’s more about storytelling. The game owns not only the context, the graphic style but also the unique gameplay, with a bit of a fighting feeling. Players control the character to confront the enemy with martial arts skills, through a series of button operations that are somewhat complicated compared to names of the same genre. Notably, the main character in the experience is also a real figure in history, known as the king of Taiwan during the Japanese occupation.

Legend of Tianding impressed the writer right from the first images of Taiwan’s capital in the early years of the 20th century. Taipei city looks so lively with bustling streets of people, among architectural works. Superficial architecture on many routes of the game experience. The game possesses a unique graphic style, interspersed with transitions built in nuanced comic frames, leading players to the main character and the historical background of the island. this country.

The game experience is divided into chapters. Each chapter is an independent narrative about the life of Lieu Thiem Dinh, a real-life character who has been made into many movies and comics. With such inspiration, it is no wonder that Legend of Tianding is exploited by the developer CGCG into an interesting story, mixed with extremely exciting action scenes in the game experience. At the end of each chapter, the narrator also summarizes through the radio station, bearing the typical imprint of Taiwanese culture.

It is not even wrong to say that these two factors are the biggest plus point of Legend of Tianding when compared to other names in the same genre. The combat system of the game is extremely attractive with the phase of disarming the enemy and then hitting his back with his stick to counter them. From melee weapons like short swords, clubs or batons to long-range weapons like pistols, explosives and even rocket launchers. Not only that, the development team is also very skillful when constantly adding new combat skills to the game experience.

In addition to a variety of weapons from enemies that you can “borrow” when fighting, Lieu Thiem Dinh also has many martial arts skills that are gradually unlocked during the experience. Initially only offensive skills, but later also added defensive skills. The combination of these skills provides an extremely satisfying and equally challenging combat feeling. They require the player to press a series of buttons similar to the execution of skills in Street Fighter or fighting games.

Even mastering these martial arts skills plays an important role in the Legend of Tianding experience. This is especially true for the boss battles that “cover up” at the end of each chapter, challenging reflexes and offensive and defensive skills even on Gentleman Thief’s low difficulty setting. Boss not only challenges Liem Thiem Dinh’s martial arts, confronting them also requires players to combine skillfully using basic actions such as dodging or squatting and many more.

The Legend of Tianding game review

The boss battles are so challenging that even a patient like me feel inhibited. Just one small mistake is enough to make you pay very dearly and have to rematch. In fact, the “bloody” bosses in Metroid Dread are just flies when compared to the extremely epic boss battles in the Legend of Tianding experience. Not only that, normal enemies are also not average in the default Wanted Outlaw setting. They know how to coordinate attacks that make you have to play again from the nearest checkpoint if you are subjective and negligent.

However, the biggest problem of Legend of Tianding is the messy gameplay due to the design direction of the development team. Instead of focusing on a well-constructed combat experience, the development team pushed the storytelling element throughout each chapter. These segments are quite lengthy, mainly revolved around the introduction of new characters and the situation in which the story unfolds. Not to mention, the game experience often requires players to move from point A to point B which takes a lot of time just to get items and interact with the storyline with NPCs.

From a player perspective, I can’t help but feel that CGCG developers prioritize the storytelling element and waste the great battle system they worked so hard to build. Combat experience only takes up about 1/3 of the experience. Some gameplay mechanics related to Lieu Thiem Dinh’s image also leave a rather contradictory and forced feeling in the design. For example, give money to beggars or buy food from NPCs, in exchange for buffs and collected items related to historical factors as well as the main character’s life.

Although there is a later part where these people help Lieu Thiem Dinh catch traitors, but I think this episode is scripted and not related to whether you give them money in the game experience or not. One problem that I cannot fail to mention is that NPCs are reused very often, everyone looks the same but there is no difference in shaping. However, because the scriptwriter wrote and was translated quite well, their lines all brought personality to the character, not the same color as the writer initially feared.

The Legend of Tianding game review

After all, The Legend of Tianding offers a pretty unique action-scrolling experience with great combat mechanics, an interesting story, as well as unique graphics and settings. The game’s biggest minus point is the lengthy “visual novel” element, which inadvertently messes up the pace of play and wastes the game’s exhilarating combat system. If you can ignore this problem, this is definitely an indispensable name in your game library.

The Legend of Tianding is available for PC (Windows) and Nintendo Switch.

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The Legend of Tianding
The Legend of Tianding

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