The most powerful Free Fire guns in close combat

The most powerful Free Fire guns in close combat

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2021-12-21 05:45:32

Close-range combat has always been a particularly important point in Garena Free Fire, whether in run or death mode.

The arsenal of weapons in Garena Free Fire includes many different types of guns (and melee weapons), along with an increase in number after each update. Each type of gun has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, along with a difference in effectiveness in each combat range. Here, let’s find out with rvgamepc to find out in the current OB31 version, which weapons will help you dominate in close-range fights.


Although it has the lowest damage of any shotgun in Garena Free Fire, the MAG-7 is strong thanks to its ability to continuously fire and the amount of ammunition in a cartridge is higher than other shotguns. again.

Free Fire: Which guns will help you "matchless" in close combat

After many tweaks, both increased and decreased, at the moment MAG-7 is still a great choice for close-range gunfights. Of course, the player also needs to have good control, but if the bullets are spammed continuously, its recoil will not be the right form.


This is the most popular shotgun in Free Fire as well as in many other shooting games in the world. M1014 has an average rate of fire, the magazine is just enough to deal with a huge amount of damage in each shot.

Free Fire: Which guns will help you "matchless" in close combat

Earlier this year, the M1014 also received a slight increase in damage and range, along with the nerfing of the M1887, this famous shotgun was used more.

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As mentioned above, the M1887 is one of the most heavily modified weapons in Garena Free Fire, and most of it is… nerfed. The last time it was OB29, the M1887 lost a series of long-range stats, fire rate and armor penetration.

Free Fire: Which guns will help you "matchless" in close combat
The “smear” of M1887 is number two, no gun is number one…

Despite being constantly “stuck” by Garena, M1887 still has its own loyal fan base thanks to its strong damage combined with its ability to penetrate armor. Two M1887 bullets at close range can completely knock down your opponent despite being full of blood, as long as you have good control skills. The gun skins of M1887 are also considered to be mostly strong, good support for players in the “oneshot” goal.


Up to now, MP40 is still the gun with the highest bullet rate in Garena Free Fire. This is a submachine gun that is only strong in close-range gunfights, but when the starting distance is longer, the bullets will fly all over, leading to much less effective.

Free Fire: Which guns will help you "matchless" in close combat

MP40 has the minus point that there are not too many accessories besides the extra magazine and gun stock, but the extremely fast drying and not low damage per bullet will not take you too long to process. Neat enemies with this gun.


The next sub-gun on this list is the UMP. After a few buffs with buffs, the current UMP has temporarily surpassed Vector or MP5 in close-range combat. UMP is so powerful that in the recent OB31 version, this gun has slightly reduced range by 5%.

Free Fire: Which guns will help you "matchless" in close combat

UMP has a high rate of fire, a fast reload speed and especially possesses unique armor penetration compared to the submachine gun group in Garena Free Fire. Realizing the HOT level of UMP, Garena has also recently provided this gun with an upgraded skin called Style, which increases the rate of fire, damage and reduces the reload speed (which is already very fast), with under the effect of increasing damage 100 seconds after picking up the gun.

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