The names that will be present in the VCS Winter 2021 Playoffs round

The names that will be present in the VCS Winter 2021 Playoffs round


2021-12-20 23:09:09

Four teams including Burst The Sky, Luxury Esports, GAM Esports and CERBERUS Esports have won the opportunity to enter the VCS Winter 2021 Playoffs.

After 5 weeks of competition, the group stage of the VCS Winter 2021 tournament has officially ended. In this season, much-anticipated names like SBTC Esports or Saigon Buffalo were eliminated early despite having a good start, but their performance gradually declined in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, the names that were underestimated because of their achievements in the previous season such as Luxury Esports and Burst The Sky have made great progress as well as young talents who had the opportunity to bring them tickets to the round. Playoffs. As for CERBERUS Esports or GAM Esports, these are two bright names for the 2021 VCS Winter championship.

Burst The Sky

Top lane: Ryuk, Cehin

Forest: Draktharr

Mid lane: Glory

Bottom lane: Aomine

Support: Elio

It seemed that SKY would soon be eliminated, but they competed very strongly with the two names SBTC and SGB when beating other heavyweights like LX or even this is the only team that can beat CES in this competition. group stage. Chances are that SKY will win a very high position after the Playoffs round ends or even the championship if they can keep up their form.

Luxury Esports

Top Lane: Coated

Forest: Killerqueen

Mid: Blazes

Bottom lane: Vit, Shine

Support: H3


Compared to last season, Luxury Esports has performed much better and the individual skills of the players have improved tremendously. It can be said that LX’s performance surprised many people and ranked 3rd after the group stage ended. With the increasing progress after each match, Luxury Esports is very likely to become a strong team in the near future.

GAME Esports

Top lane: Kiaya

Forest: Levi, TomRio

Mid: Kati, 2T

Bottom lane: Divkid, Sty1e

Support: Bie


As the defending champion of VCS Spring 2021 and they return to the Winter tournament with the same lineup, they are expected to continue to win. Despite having a rather uneventful first week, GAM quickly bounced back and showed its destruction.


Top lane: Poss, Pun

Forest: EGO, Phuc1

Mid lane: Yado, Jane

Bottom: Artemis, Puddin

Support: Hieu3, Ronop


CES is the team leading the rankings throughout the group stage with only 1 loss. However, CES is currently considered the best candidate for the title of defending champion VCS Winter 2021 when they have defeated the remaining teams to advance to the Playoffs.


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