The new season hasn’t started yet, but the LCK has ‘fought’ in the Wildcard area

The new season hasn’t started yet, but the LCK has ‘fought’ in the Wildcard area

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2023-01-20 22:30:57

No longer a strong but “modest” area like in the past, many international LoL fans are excited when the LCK’s neck is “more and more burning”.

Up to now, Wildcard has always been considered a weak area by the League of Legends community, where many small regions have to compete for “saved tickets” to win a place to attend MSI or Worlds. However, because they are often underestimated, Wildcard teams are rarely criticized by any international players or teams, but recently the LCK region suddenly had “extreme” statements about it. players from the Wildcard region.


More specifically, recently, the LCK has shared a humorous short film and is a parody of the movie Reborn Rich, which has been popular in recent times in Korea. In this parody, the cast are the BLVs, analysts, MCs, etc. of the LCK tournament “role-playing” into humorous situations.

In it, there is a saying that makes quite a lot of League of Legends fans excited: “How dare someone from the Wildcard area speak up?”

Funny saying about the Wildcard area of ​​League of Legends in the parody movie from the LCK.

As soon as this saying was shared online, it attracted the attention of a large number of international LoL gamers. In particular, many fans joked that the LCK completely dominated Worlds 2022 with 2 teams participating in the final, so “win is king and loser listens”. On the other hand, there are also many fans who breathe a sigh of relief because they are not in the Wildcard area, so they still have the right to “speak up” instead of being silent.

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