The number of Asian gamers exceeds the threshold of 1 billion people

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2022-11-25 02:15:59

According to a new report by market research unit Niko Partners, by 2026 the market in Asia will have more than 1 billion gamers.

The Niko Partners market report includes a comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast through 2026 by game segment, game publisher key data, game ratings, growth drivers, and growth drivers. trend. This includes detailed information on eSports, product distribution, payments, trading events, regulation as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of player demand. The survey was conducted with more than 5,500 gamers.

India’s video game market has the highest expected 5-year growth rate at 21%, according to the 10-Year Asian Games Market Report. Niko predicts that despite the challenging global economy, PC and mobile gaming will continue to grow strongly over the next five years in the markets Niko Partners identified as: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand Lan, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea and India.

The number of gamers increased to 1 billion in Asia.

Niko Partners predicts the mobile and PC gaming market in Asia’s top 10 will generate $35.9 billion by 2022, reaching $41.4 billion by 2026. Players are growing at a much faster rate than ever before. turnover. Niko Partners predicts a combined number of PC and mobile gamers to reach 788.7 million in 2022, reaching 1.06 billion in 2026.

The company has slightly lowered its forecast for 2022 compared to 2021. This is due to a difficult global macroeconomic environment, regulatory impacts, and poor performance in growth sectors such as games. cloud and metaverse. The lower forecast for 2022 will affect growth rates through 2026.

India, Thailand and the Philippines are the fastest growing markets in terms of game revenue and number of gamers. Japan and South Korea are the most stable growing markets in the Asia region, accounting for more than 77% of sales. In 2022, Japan’s game revenue fell 2.6% year-on-year, while South Korea’s was flat. India is home to the second largest number of gamers in the world with 396.4 million gamers, accounting for 50.2% of the total number of gamers in Asia.

The Asian market continues to grow strongly.

The Asian market continues to grow strongly.

Esports as a medal sport at the 2022 Southeast Asian Games reinforces eSports as an official sport in the region. The launch of 5G creates momentum for many markets, including Singapore, Korea, Japan and Chinese Taipei with much better 5G coverage than last year.

Lisa Hanson, President of Niko Partners, said: “The global macroeconomic environment leads to slowing economic growth, high inflation, lower consumer spending and a possible recession. In addition, we have seen a drop in player spending this year. But that doesn’t mean any reduction in the growth of the gaming market in Asia, where gamers expect a high-quality, affordable gaming experience.”

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