The Prairie Meadow Prologue and the ghost story I met in the West

The Prairie Meadow Prologue and the ghost story I met in the West

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2023-02-04 15:40:54

Viet Dong Co Lau game has finally released the official prologue, let’s explore with Mot Game to see if the game has anything interesting?

Hello everyone, remember a while ago, I made a video to try out the prologue version of the game Prairie Grass released by Quasar Art. Recently, under the enthusiastic comment of a friend, I was updated with information that the studio has released an upgraded version of this game with a new, more luxurious interface than the old version.

And of course, for a Vietnamese who supports Vietnamese goods like me, why not open the first bowl of the year with the new prologue of Dong Co Lau? Let’s not be long, guys, come with me to today’s video, to see in this return, what interesting changes have been made in the game with the culture of the Southwest region.


  • first What Happens in the Meadow
  • 2 Review of the official version
  • 3 Ghost story on coconut tree
  • 4 The commendable experiences of the game

What Happens in the Meadow

The story in the prologue of the grasslands revolves around Hai, a young man who goes out to drink late at night and sleeps on the edge of the field. In a drunken stupor, Hai saw the ghost of a man appearing in the form of a fireball floating next to him, calling him to quickly get up and go home. Not knowing if it was due to a gut feeling or being modified by his grandparents, Hai woke up from his drunkenness and walked back on the dirt road.

It was dark, there was no one around, only Hai with a few graves lying in the charnel ground in the middle of nowhere, faintly heard someone lulling a child in the night. Hai calmly or calmly walked through the cemetery and ignored the mysterious phenomena that kept happening. But they kept clinging to Hai and told him that he had destroyed an old man’s grave Horrible memory of a traffic accident.

Summarizing the above information, we can see that the plot of the official version of the grasslands has not changed much compared to the previous version. It is still the story of a young man named Hai who accidentally caused a traffic accident that resulted in many casualties. But he still did not repent, instead continued to drink heavily and sleep in the fields. In the middle of the quiet night, the ghost of the deceased is returning to take revenge for the old accident.

Review of the official version

I see in this remake, the biggest improvement is the graphics side. Quasar Art used to share they have completely demolished and rebuilt and this time my experience proves they are not lying. But with the plot, the grasslands of Lau still retain the old script as well as all the typical Southern qualities that were clearly shown by the game in the previous demo. I don’t know what the specific plot will be, but in terms of graphics and optimization of the game, I find Quasar Art has done a very good job.

In particular, although it has not been officially released, the game has fully customized settings such as light, mouse sensitivity, even in-game shortcut instructions so that gamers do not feel confused the next time. beginning of experience. You can make adjustments directly during the game with the Esc button without leaving the main menu. Just a small detail, but not all games can do it, so I see Quasar Art has invested very seriously in his brainchild.

Unlike other horror games of the same genre, Meadow Grass does not build a scary ghost-like mechanism that suddenly jumps into the middle of the screen. Instead, the game decided to choose a way to hit the player’s psyche through the familiar image of the western countryside. For example, the crickets chirping at night, the tall coconut tree in the middle of the night or the dimly lit graveyard in the night and the bunches of incense sticks in the middle of the field.

No screams, no ghosts appearing suddenly, but the Reed Meadow successfully made me feel cold in nearly half an hour of game experience. I don’t know how you guys feel, but for a kid who used to go to the field to look at frogs in the middle of the night like me, everything is quite accurate and familiar like what I have experienced.

If you go to the West to play, surely you will not be strange with the graves growing in the middle of the field or near the field. It sounds a bit funny, but in my hometown, people often don’t bury their loved ones in cemeteries, instead, graves are built in the back of the house, or on farmland for the convenience of relatives. . It sounds a bit gruesome, but adults think that they are all members of the family, if they don’t help, it’s okay, but there’s no harm in being afraid.

Again, the children we go to see frogs usually look at night, especially in the rainy season, that’s when the frogs appear the most. The place we often go to look is the wilderness, each child gets a head lamp like in the game, then wade into the fields, shallow water to find frogs.

In the countryside, each house is separated by a field, and there are no street lights, so our only light was the frog lamp with the moonlight in the sky just like in the game. In the middle of the quiet night, the family had all gone to sleep, we waded in the middle of the wilderness, in the distance were mounds of graves hidden in the dark, the sound of the wind blowing through the bamboo groves, combined with the sound of frogs and crickets. and the sound of bullfrogs will surely make any child who is not familiar with it will have chills.

And those things have been depicted quite well in Co Lau, especially the Le family’s tomb on the way to Hai’s house. Unfortunately, in the previous version, we also have a small jumpscare where a coconut falls from a tree, but this time there is no, I personally quite like that detail because it reminds me of a ghost story when I was a kid.

Ghost story on coconut tree

It is not my hometown that everything is lacking, but mango and coconut are special. Tall coconut trees are always something very scary for the country children, especially at night. Not that on my country road, besides the star tree, there is only white wisteria, but there is especially a tall old coconut tree that has never grown since.

To scare us kids from going out late, my grandmother used to say that the tree was the residence of a long mammoth ghost, no one knew where and when the ghost appeared, the people from the fields came back from work. At night, when passing a coconut tree, you will often hear it sing a lullaby on the top of the tree. But no one dared to look up at the tree to verify for fear of being teased and followed home, so the story of the ghost sitting on the coconut tree is still a mystery.

And we kids were stupid at everything, only playing stupid was good, at that time we didn’t know what to be afraid of, so we also went to the coconut tree to see how bad the ghost’s face was. We all included me, Uncle Tu’s two brothers, and Uncle Nine’s son, all four of us decided to sneak out of the house while everyone else was fast asleep.

The night sky in the countryside is cool, but it also makes people feel indescribably creepy. We went to the coconut tree on an empty dirt road, according to the plan, we all thought to count from one to three, looked at it and ran away, but before we finished counting, we all ran over our necks out of fear.

I remember my son Nine shouting the loudest, and while the three of us were shouting, he yelled as if he had seen something terrible. When I got home, I saw the boy’s face was pale, he was crying and screaming, saying that he saw a ghost sitting on the top of a tree combing his hair. No matter how we coaxed it, it wouldn’t hold back, as a result, the adults woke up knowing what was going on and scolded them all for being naughty.

After that night, the boy suddenly had a fever for a few days, his mouth kept begging for forgiveness, even though my brother and I did not see the ghost directly, we were also threatened by the boy with fear of losing our honey, until my grandmother left. The temple asked for a talisman for him to wear, and the boy gradually returned to normal. Since that time, the boy did not dare to go to that coconut tree for several years, only later did he get better. I wonder what it saw that night? But when asked, he just said “I saw that woman brushing her hair” and didn’t say anything more.

The commendable experiences of the game

I’m sure some of you will tell me here, but believe it or not, it’s up to you, because I’ve never seen that sister before, only heard from my younger brother. But back to the main issue, in Reed Meadow, aside from the details of the coconut tree the detail of the head flying out of the jar also disappeared without a trace, actually I think that’s good, because naturally having a jar appear in the middle of the bridge, it’s a bit absurd. Instead, if Quasar Art Studio wants to add a head, being able to let it glide through the trees, or fly up from the grave will certainly be a lot more attractive.

Again, not only the graphics, but I feel that the game’s voiceover is also carefully groomed, because it feels very realistic, contributing to increasing the experience of the game. If possible, I hope Quasar Art Studio can consider more about adjusting the loudness of the voice and BGM, because there are many parts where I find the BGM a bit too loud to drown out the voice, but that’s not a very important detail so I omitted it. past has no effect.

Continuing, although the arrangement of the game screen of the Reed Meadow is quite confusing and has no specific instructions, it does not make the player feel tired, instead I am quite interested in groping in the game. game to explore the details installed in it by the manufacturer, this is also thanks in large part to the graphics and sound installed during the playing time.

In addition, about the sound, I want to commend the songs included in the game, especially the songs in the menu that are very catchy. The singing in the game is also not too loud, enough for the player to feel chilled and not to destroy the atmosphere of the game, which is also a plus point worth noting. Especially the game has Vietnamese language, which is extremely worth mentioning, but Vietnamese games in English are very funny.

Basically, if only encapsulated in the opening part, I feel that Reed Meadow is a really passionate game of Quasar Art Studio, even though I know that the game is mainly made by one person, there will be mistakes, but come At the moment, I still have not found any flaws worthy of blame in the game. With a studio with little experience, Quasar Art Studio really did better than expected.

Well, there is a rather strange detail that I want to comment on, that is the scene of the accident. Usually these cases only have mats with ambulances, but the image of the coffin appearing next to it for burial, I personally find it a bit out of place. I don’t know if the studio included this image to emphasize the horror of that accident or for some other purpose.

If that image was only made up to clarify the accident or to have a place to prove the identity of the victim, then I think it would be much scarier to put the ID card directly on the mat and then let the protagonist pick it up. . To sum up, in front of my eyes, Co Lau is a promising Vietnamese game in the near future. I also hope the final version will be as good as this prologue shows, but I am not desperate.

Of course, this video is based on my experience, so it may not be true for most people. So for the most authentic experience, I recommend you download it to see if I’m right. Well, this video is mostly bullshit and I don’t receive any advertising from the producer, so please don’t tell me to eat money and then PR Vietnamese games. I’m repenting, but I don’t have an ad to eat, but if anyone wants to contact us for an advertisement, we won’t criticize it.

Well, that’s enough bullshit for now, hope you guys like this type of video that both evaluates the game and tells ghost stories, if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let me know. I’m a Gamer now, hello and see you in the next videos, bye~

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