The privilege of living in the universe of Dragon Ball

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2021-12-23 09:28:36

While the world in the Dragon Ball series is far from perfect, it does have some perks that make us think twice about living there.

One of the most popular anime series is Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, an interesting series that has become an icon of the shonen genre. Dragon Ball has done an excellent job of it over the years, it has continuously spawned battles and fascinating states. Dragon Ball has always known how to create interesting content.

One of the best aspects of Dragon Ball is that the Earth in this series is pretty much full of strange and unusual, yet intriguing. Watching the Dragon Ball anime is a lot of fun, and so is the world in this series, worth it for us to experience!

Wishes from the Dragon Balls

The privilege that many people realize most when living in the Dragon Ball series are the dragon balls, which can grant many difficult wishes, including bringing back dead characters.

There are many different events that happened in Dragon Ball, but the dragon balls are the name of the series, which is quite important. The Dragon Balls are “treasures” scattered across the Earth, and anyone who possesses them can grant wishes. Especially since these wishes would successfully fulfill requests such as resurrecting the dead.

Technology of Capsule Corporation

Dragon Ball

The Capsule Corporation in the Dragon Ball brand has perfected the Capsule, almost everything can be contained in the Capsule: objects, plants, food, houses, vehicles,… including people themselves.

The level of technology in the Dragon Ball universe is growing everywhere, but the Briefs family alone is making big strides through their Capsule Corporation. Capsule Corporation has perfected the Capsule, almost everything can be contained in the Capsule: objects, plants, food, houses, vehicles,… including people!

The abilities of these Capsules were only explored in the first part of Dragon Ball, but basically their convenience is very high and surpasses the world we live in.

There are heroes protecting the city

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In the world of Dragon Ball series there are many powerful characters who help protect our planet, for example Great Saiyaman, it is one of the best privileges to live here.

Basically, Dragon Ball also has police to keep the community safe, just like in the real world, and characters like Goku protect our planet, but they act silently so the public doesn’t What do you know about these issues? However, when Gohan went to school, he turned into a hero, the Great Saiyaman. This really sounds like a joke, but at least we’ll feel a little safer knowing that the Great Saiyaman is there for us.

Humans can learn to fly with training


Flying using Ki is one of the things that normal humans in the Dragon Ball franchise can use, even if we can’t destroy mountains with our powers.

Dragon Ball is a world where martial arts skills are really important and necessary, but later on it gradually changed, to the point where Ki attacks and transformations were the weakest. main factor. The majority of the public in Dragon Ball’s universe won’t be able to master their Ki and learn to use energy wave attacks, but the series has shown certain abilities, such as flying, it does. beyond human capabilities. Flying with Ki is one of those things that everyone can use, even if we can’t destroy mountains with our power.

There are many types of transportation available

Dragon Ball

And one of the best perks of living in the world of Dragon Ball is that there are so many means of transportation, even…

Most of Dragon Ball’s casual characters use airplanes as their primary means of transportation, but the series also has a ton of well-regarded fun vehicles. Corp.’s technology contains many efficient means of transport, and many others worldwide. Everything in general is far beyond our world, so is transportation. There are even transportation options to choose from such as… weightlifting, it’s for the pure of heart!

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