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2022-11-29 21:22:23

The Quarry is a horror adventure game inspired by classic movies that have been adapted such as Friday the 13th or Evil Dead. Experience the game that takes you to the summer camp of 9 young men and women. The player’s choices are the factor that creates the story as well as the ending for the fate of the characters. This is also the familiar game formula of the developer Supermassive Games in recent years. From Until Dawn to the Dark Pictures Anthology series, everything offers an interactive movie-like gaming experience.

The Quarry possesses pretty good graphics when compared to Supermassive Games’ previous title, House of Ashes. Many scenes are built like easter eggs, reminiscent of classic horror movies of the 80s. The motion-capture part is also quite impressive with delicate facial expressions and body movements. However, the development team has not yet resolved the biggest minus point of the games in the Dark Pictures Anthology game series is the unnatural eye movements, making the characters in some scenes a bit weird.

The voice actors also breathe quite well for the characters, plus the great sound design contributes significantly to creating a unique atmosphere for the game experience. Even the background music is selected to suit each story situation. Especially through the paid DLC, the game also has more interesting image filters and character costumes from the 80s and 50s. More or less, these DLCs also add replay value to The Quarry in addition to the gameplay design that is geared towards this element.

The plot, though not the great plus point of the game, feels like it was cut from the script of many classic horror movies. However, the development team also cleverly integrated many elements of modern horror movies into the game experience. The biggest minus point of the story is the lack of climax. It inadvertently breaks the player’s emotions when The Quarry builds a characteristic atmosphere and evokes curiosity very well, two things that are quite important in the horror horror game experience.

The Quarry game review

In return, The Quarry reconciles quite well bringing a lot of emotions to players throughout the game experience. From the scary scenes just enough to startle those who are weak, to the tense atmosphere, romantic scene, even a little “cool” of the character. All are adequate and interspersed with reasonable duration throughout the experience. Although there are a few paragraphs that are a bit long, but not annoying for long enough to ruin the player’s experience and emotions.

If you’ve played Until Dawn or any game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, The Quarry’s gameplay is similar and not much has changed. The experience still revolves around the QTE “click fast to die” scenes and make difficult decisions. Interspersed are segments of free exploration in relatively small spaces, finding clues and collectibles. The control mechanics in the game continue to be deliberately clumsy. The camera angle of view often shoots too close to the character and hides many details in the frame.

Compared to the games just mentioned, The Quarry expands the puzzle element more, but the writer does not appreciate the developer’s efforts. The puzzles in the game are not explained well, often forcing players to experience in a somewhat annoying trial and error. Not only that, the game also lacks warning signs leading to the unexpected fate of the important character, like intentionally forcing you to experience it at least twice to achieve the ‘best ending’. The writer is quite lucky to open a beautiful ending in the first play.

The Quarry game review

Part of that is also because I learned a lot of “donkey-eating” experience from the experience of previous Supermassive Games games. However, the writer has a feeling that the development team is quite abusive of QTE in building the game experience. The Quarry has many scenes of characters being chased, requiring players to both watch closely and react promptly to the QTE segments on the screen. However, these segments rarely require you to hit the perfect button every time, so it’s not too challenging and inhibiting.

From a player perspective, The Quarry feels more like a movie than a game experience. Perhaps also noticing this, besides the multiplayer and solo Couch Co-Op mode like previous games of the same developer, the game also adds 2 new game modes: Movie Mode and Wolf Pack. Specifically, Movie Mode only offers a pure movie viewing experience as its name implies and has no player interaction. You can even choose how the movie premiere plays out and the game has an achievement/trophy for Movie Mode.

In contrast, Wolf Pack is a new game mode that is updated after its release. This game mode is similar to Couch Co-Op, but instead of each player taking on a character, each player votes on how the narrative will unfold. In particular, this game mode also comes with a feature similar to the Guest’s Pass in It Takes Two, allowing Trial players to also participate in a passive experience with the “room owner” host who owns the ‘full game’. Even so, Couch Co-Op still offers a more enjoyable experience than solo unless you don’t have friends to play with.

The Quarry game review

After all, The Quarry offers a rather unique creepy adventure experience that reconciles quite well the elements that make up a compelling horror movie, although it doesn’t put too much emphasis on the fear factor. The game’s biggest minus is that it doesn’t allow “fast-forward” transitions, even if you’ve finished the game for the first time. This inadvertently reduces the replay value of the game by wasting valuable player time, unless you don’t see it as an issue. Even so, its plus points still shine and is a notable name for the game library.

The Quarry is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Quarry
The Quarry

Supermassive Games


The Quarry for Xbox Series X|S
The Quarry for Xbox Series X|S

The Quarry for Xbox One
The Quarry for Xbox One

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