The reality of Lisa Blackpink’s Anya Spy X Family cosplay makes netizens stir

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2022-07-19 00:19:53

Recently, fans had a “crazy” moment with the Anya Spy X Family anime cosplay photo of Lisa Blackpink. But is it really cosplay? The answer is here!

Who is Anya Spy X Family?

Anya Forger is the main character of the manga, anime Spy X Family. In the world of Spy X Family, Anya is an esper with the ability to read people’s minds. After escaping from the mysterious experimental organization that imprisoned her, Anya wandered around and was lucky enough to be adopted by Twilight spy Loid Forger as her daughter.

In April 2022, the Spy X Family anime aired. The film easily received strong attention from the global audience with the focus of attention being none other than the little girl Anya. Anya appeared everywhere, becoming an inspiration for countless artists, coser and even… Korean idols?

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Lisa Blackpink cosplay Anya Spy X Family?

Recently, a set of photos of Lisa has been spread all over social networking sites. The picture of the youngest Hac Huong is usually popular all the time, but this set of photos made a huge impact when Lisa cosplayed as Anya!

lisa anya

lisa anya

lisa anya

lisa anya

Cre: 97liligirl.

Is it really true that a famous idol like Lisa also cosplays Anya? Actual exam no. In fact, the Lisa – Anya photo series are images made by a fan named film_tnw17. This person used Lisa’s photos when she left for Celine Paris Fashion Week 2022 at the end of June. With some photoshop skills, film_tnw17 successfully turned Lisa into an “adult version” of little Anya!

lisa blackpink

lisa blackpink

lisa blackpink

Currently, this set of photos by film_tnw17 is still receiving thousands of interactions. Viewers were surprised by Lisa’s similarity with Anya. Someone even expressed a wish for Lisa to really cosplay as Anya and perform on stage!

What do you think about the pictures above? Do you hope one day Lisa Blackpink will cosplay Anya Spy X Family or any other anime character? Leave a comment to chat with us Please!

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