The Sims once gave me a home

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2023-01-24 11:11:51

Owning a house is a luxury, but when it comes to The Sims game, it is no longer an obstacle for dreamers.

The Sims is a fairly simple game, but it knows how to attract players to buy different versions. When you step into the game, you have the opportunity to create a life controlled by yourself such as building a house, getting married and having children. If you don’t have enough money, don’t worry, The Sims will help you build one or even two to three houses or villas that you’ve always wanted.

In 2000, Electronic Arts produced and developed by Maxis released a game called The Sims. This is considered a best-selling game in history in 2002 and then other versions were gradually born and exist today, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of users. this game and me in it. To this day, when I’m an adult, I still spend my free time enjoying the moments of being immersed in the game.

The Sims is a fairly simple game, but it knows how to attract players to buy different versions.

When you click start playing, The Sims will give you a certain amount of money just like your parents give you some money to invest. With that money, players can buy a piece of land to build their own house or buy houses available in the game. If you choose to buy the land to build a house yourself, The Sims will allow you to choose the land you want to build your house on, such as in the mountains or the plains, if you can afford it. the more expensive version of building a house at the beach or somewhere else. Then you will be like designer Thai Cong, drawing up your own drawings for your house, if the land you buy is quite large, remember to build your own swimming pool and garden, it will definitely make you happy. Let you really immerse yourself in this virtual life. I still remember the first time I built my own swimming pool for 50 meters like building a swimming pool for championship swimming competitions. At the same time, you should choose the interior of your house, choose the paint color for your house, if you are like me, a person who loves pink, it’s great when everything in your house is completely beautiful. pink and that will make you love The Sims more than ever.

So what if you choose the second option, which is to buy a furnished house? Believe me, this option will definitely make you satisfied because I think The Sims was created to please the players, the design as well as the interior are combined harmoniously to death as long as you sell one of them. The interior of the house, you will feel like your house is missing something. Building a house with available furniture will be suitable for players who are a bit “lazy”, but players can also create for themselves other things around their house like I mentioned above if If you don’t build yourself a swimming pool, you will surely regret it or you can build an extra floor for your house, a villa or villa sounds quite interesting. Building a house in The Sims promises to train you to an infinity of creativity. This to me the design “people” will cry because there is no need for 3D rendering or complicated tools anymore because The Sims has modernized everything wrapped in versions. Your job is only to buy the game, download the game and build a house first.

For me The Sims has never been an outdated game, there are games that were once famous but then it has to give way to a new game to go up, but building a house is just one of the impressions of The Sims So far, I really haven’t found a game that can freely build a house and be so creative.

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