TheShy just came back to Livestream, the community was surprised by Huanfeng’s move

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2021-12-25 15:19:57

TheShy first appeared on Livestream since joining WBG, the community was surprised because Huanfeng was the one who paid the most attention to TheShy.

To prepare for the new season with new teammates, TheShy has officially returned to China and is in quarantine. Not being able to join Weibo Gaming to attend the Demacia Cup is quite a pity for TheShy, because many fans are looking forward to the collaboration between TheShy and Sofm. Can the once-best rated top laner in the world regain his form when starting with a new team?

It can be seen that the interest that the community is giving TheShy is huge. And recently, despite being in quarantine, TheShy still decided to Livestream to interact with fans. This is also the player’s first Livestream since joining WBG, so it has attracted a lot of attention from the Chinese and Korean LoL communities.

TheShy returns to Livestream for the first time since joining WBG

However, the condition of the network and equipment in the isolation area does not seem to be really good, so it causes many inconveniences. However, TheShy also tried to communicate with fans after a long time of not broadcasting.

In it, TheShy also shared a bit about the current status of WBG, enough for fans to feel secure. “I feel that my teammates are really good, their coordination is very impressive. They welcome me and I feel happy about that.”

TheShy Livestream

TheShy shared that all the teammates in WBG are very good

It is quite remarkable that in this Livestream, Huanfeng gave TheShy a gift, surprising many fans. Because it was previously revealed that Huanfeng was upset about the WBG coaching staff giving up Bin to recruit TheShy. Therefore, many people think that TheShy will have many difficulties in integrating with the new team.

But it seems that things are going pretty well for Weibo Gaming. After completing the quarantine period, TheShy will make his debut before his new teammates. Many fans are still looking forward to the collaboration between TheShy and Sofm in the upcoming season.

Information about LPL will be updated so everyone stay tuned for more.

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