Thien Kiem Chi Van is expected to make gamers “immerse” in a series of super “MOU E ME” activities.

Thien Kiem Chi Van is expected to make gamers “immerse” in a series of super “MOU E ME” activities.


2022-11-23 13:51:32

Players will experience a series of new and extremely attractive activities of Thien Kiem Chi Van, which has not been available in any role-playing game before.

Having played Thien Kiem Chi Van, it is impossible not to mention the rich operation system from quests, bosses, family members …. with enough frequency for you to explore and suitable for all ages.

Let’s take a look at some special activities of Thien Kiem Chi Van to see what’s there?


  • first Inter-Server PK Activities
  • 2 Miniature Social Network
  • 3 Vice Ban of Love

Inter-Server PK Activities

If you are one of the players who like to fight regardless or are passionate about matches on the fiery battlefield, want to PK regardless of day and night with big hands from all other servers, then Thien Kiem Chi Van is the right choice. consolidated at the end of 2022.

Heavenly Sword Chi Van

The game possesses a multitude of dense inter-server PK activities such as: PvP Chu Gioi Vien Chinh, PvP Devil City, PvP Thien Dao Secret Canh, PvP Vo Dai 1vs1, PvP Tien Lu 2vs2… There are also many other activities. PK action in the server and classic PK tournaments will be held continuously.

Miniature Social Network

Thien Kiem Chi Van brings a system of unique social features from acquaintance to marriage, copy-pasting, giving birth, building a house, social interaction … and hundreds of other familiar social interactions forming a True miniature social network.

Heavenly Sword Chi Van

Here, players are free to show off their characters, personal information, post news, post and others can comment. More specifically, you can build your own Tien Phu so that other brothers can do exciting tasks in Tien Phu, receive money and buy home decorations. Or even visit, roam in Tien Phu, give gifts, drop hearts, check in with other players.

Vice Ban of Love

It is no exaggeration to say that Thien Kiem Chi Van is the ideal “dating” spot for those in love and those who want to have a lover in the virtual world. From romantic space, dating features, marriage features are invested in great detail.

Heavenly Sword Chi Van

In addition, Thien Kiem Chi Van also opened a separate activity for the Tinh Duyen Vice Village, which is not only for married couples, but only friends of the opposite sex can participate.

Heavenly Sword Chi Van
A playground for a good couple to stand shoulder to shoulder to the top of glory, to enjoy a package of exclusive gifts of joint value.

Freedom to auction, trade, and hunt

For a long time, the concept of “black market” has become so familiar to players who are passionate about swordplay RPGs and of course a blockbuster like Thien Kiem Chi Van coming out on November 23 is certainly indispensable. this important feature.

In Thien Kiem Chi Van, players will experience an extremely attractive Auction and Trading system. Specifically, after destroying the World Boss, Boss Tien Minh, the player will open an auction on the system. The items sold in the auction have a high discount, the quantity is limited, so if you want to own the item you like, the player must set an appropriate level and especially have to be quick.

Heavenly Sword Chi Van

The game also has a full trading system between players in the server, the feature of finding and buying, tracking the equipment to buy is quite useful for players. This will help a lot for the “farmers” when they can spend time plowing to trade for the “giants”. And of course, when the transaction will have a password, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of losing items or fraud appearing.

4 Seasons Weather Map

Thien Kiem Chi Van is a swordplay game with bright colors, suitable for the tastes of today’s youth. The game has a 4-season weather change system that helps players feel familiar and close to real life. And most importantly, the weather motion effect is extremely eye-catching. From the snowfall of winter, the fallen leaves of autumn, the blooming flowers of spring….

Heavenly Sword Chi Van

A game with so many attractions like Thien Kiem Chi Van, there’s no reason why players can refuse to experience it at 10am on 11/23. Quickly take attendance to attend events to ring your iPhone 14 Pro Max right away, guys!!!

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