Three Kingdoms Chess launched “great victory”, launched a gratitude event “collected coffee gifts”

Three Kingdoms Chess launched “great victory”, launched a gratitude event “collected coffee gifts”


2023-03-23 00:23:56

Entering the Feature Tab, swinging to the top of the Store, gamers quickly access Landing to receive countless gifts from the Three Kingdoms Chess.

Good news continuously comes to Three Kingdoms Chess after 1 month of launch. Just released a super big update, this hybrid chess game of “dignity” has excellently appeared on the Feature Tab of the App Store, then once again appeared in the TOP of outstanding free games in Vietnam. perilous time.

  • Three Kingdoms Chess released a Code with a new hero on the occasion of the Ky Mon Ho Phap update
  • Summary of Three Kingdoms Chess giftcode, SohaGames super product officially launched
  • Instructions for entering the Three Kingdoms Chess code for gamers
  • Three Kingdoms Chess gives 4 5 star generals, Infinite Spin Ticket, Free Hoa Da, 3000 KNB
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    Three Kingdoms Chess

    There are many criteria to evaluate whether a game is strong enough to appear in the Feature Tab, but the most important is the number of downloads and the ability to retain players. At the same time, the more games that have reached the Top in other Rankings, the higher the rate will be. With Three Kingdoms Chess, all 3 of these are met.

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    Although still keeping the gameplay of collecting generals, the beauty of Three Kingdoms Chess lies in the way it is expressed, delicately combining some features of the attractive “chess of dignity” genre. Perhaps that’s why the position of the Three Kingdoms Chess is getting higher and higher, more widely loved and known, constantly “warming up” its position in the charts.

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    Tactics and winning and losing results in Three Kingdoms Chess are affected by a number of new factors (Ethnicity/system, how to reverse the squad, how to counter assassins…). The generals also move faster, move flexibly, standing positions create an advantage on the 15vs15 arena instead of the usual 6 cells like other games of the same type.

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    With the addition of the clan, each champion in the Three Kingdoms Chess has more acting space, plays more roles and can be utilized in many ways, in many different formations. The story of Truong Phi 1 vs 7 or Trieu Van who killed the most assassin has become hot topics in community groups, along with tactics.

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    In experience-sharing posts, most of the Three Kingdoms Chess gamers also agree that there is no such thing as an absolute strong squad, but depending on the goals and tasks, it will rotate accordingly. Although the generals with qualifications 7 and above are highly appreciated, the series of 5 and 6 qualified generals can still become effective damage-carrying factors.

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    Compared to the common ground, Three Kingdoms Chess is a prominent and interesting enough game. With the support of the community, it is understandable that the game quickly achieved high rankings on the Store Leaderboard.

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    Celebrating a successful launch month, Three Kingdoms Chess officially opened a gift party for gamers to “pick up fortune”. There will be many interesting events with a gift store full of good items: God Zhuge Liang, SohaCoin Card, Samsung Galaxy Watch S4 and especially the iPhone 14 Promax for the luckiest players.

    Landing access:

    Three Kingdoms Chess

    At the same time, Three Kingdoms Chess would like to give gamers a special giftcode of gratitude, quickly enter the code and start recruiting for yourself a real “dream team”.

    Summary of the latest Three Kingdoms Chess giftcode






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