Three Kingdoms Chi – Strategy: Finish the first season well, get ready for the battle in the new season

Three Kingdoms Chi – Strategy: Finish the first season well, get ready for the battle in the new season


2023-03-11 10:46:01

Dai Lien and KOL look forward to the battle in the new season of Tam Quoc Chi – Strategy, NPH revealed new features that will be updated in season 2.

The first season of SLG authorized by KOEI TECMO, released in Vietnam by Thien Thuong Hoa company is gradually approaching its final days. Many Leagues in the game are waiting for the publisher (NPH) to announce the final tournament “Occupy Lac Duong – Instant reward of billions”. In the first season, the game also attracted a lot of players, including famous KOLs/streamers. Besides, NPH also revealed new features that will be updated in season 2, waiting for gamers to test.

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    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    Currently, many Allies have succeeded in capturing Luoyang. The names that are candidates for the honorable and extremely valuable reward, worth 2 billion VND, the highest in the history of SLG Viet, can be mentioned as HaBa, Au Lac (VN1), Dai Viet (VN2), TienLong (VN1). VN3), vnvodich (VN6)…

    They were the first Allies to quickly successfully capture a level 9 stronghold, establish a nation, and move to Luoyang, fulfilling the dream of Ba Ye. Before the end of the first season, the representatives of the above Leagues shared their enthusiastic experiences with players of Three Kingdoms – Strategy.

    “All members of the Allies are considered as brothers and sisters, without discrimination, everyone has their own voice and is respected. Three Kingdoms Chi – Strategy is a real-time strategy game that requires players to be patient. The game emphasizes the interaction between players through the Allied feature, so it is important when participating in the game that you need to find yourself a reliable ally” – Representative of Dong Minh HaBa, VN1.

    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    “Taking the stronghold is also very interesting. Managing the Allies is a fun and meaningful job. Happy that Allied is growing, feels meaningful because we always try to keep the peace between the brothers” – Representative Dai Viet Minh, VN2.

    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    “Calling all like-minded brothers to Au Lac, through consultation and recruitment of brothers, gradually become a great Allied, always creating conditions for the brothers to develop. Which area you register will be responsible for maintaining the land that you register” – Representative of Allied Alliance Au Lac – VN1.

    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    “The role of the Thai Beasts plays an important role and is an interesting feature of the game. This is a team game, so when members can’t go online, they can send troops to Thai Beast to help. This is really a salvation for our Allies, especially in the battle of Lac Duong” – Allied Representative vnvodich (VN6).

    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    It can be said that the first season of Tam Quoc Chi – Strategy has received countless compliments from gamers and everyone is extremely looking forward to the upcoming season 2. “Hope you all come together, build a good League, have a strong foothold with bloody PK battles, epic battles in season 2”

    (Au Lac); “Appreciate all the valuable experience that everyone has given to the brothers in the state to prepare for next season. We are not easy to eat” (Dai Viet); Season 2 will not be as favorable as season 1, we are planning to recruit new members as well as try to link with other Allies to have the best season possible” (TiemLong).

    In addition to the above owners, the game’s tactical gameplay appeal has also attracted many famous KOLs/streamers to participate in the experience such as professional AOE player Sparrow Go Sun, streamer Be Co, Sunny, Thuy Tien, Uncle Vang MU, Hieu Leblanc, singer Kieu Tho, Youtuber Ha Tai Phu… Some interesting duel matches took place in the excitement of the audience such as when Golden Boy MU and Kieu Tho challenged each other. Play in the Tien Phong server (server test new features season 2).

    The results were inconclusive, but also brought laughter to the audience when the curtain was closed to challenge the loser to eat lemons or paint their faces. Streamer Sunny also said, “The more you play the game, the more interesting it is, tactical and the role of the Allied leader is extremely important”. Or as streamer Thuy Tien also said that “The game requires each step to calculate a strategy, feeling like Khong Minh entered the spirit”.

    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    In order to best prepare for season 2, the operation team has also informed fans of the game about the changes at the end of season 1. Accordingly, when the first season ends, all players will Conditional character data reset. When the game starts season 2, the player will return to the original state, choose the origin, the Allies will be disbanded, all resources, strategy points, strongholds, and coins will be deleted.

    However, gamers will keep the accumulated general cards with the rank of generals, Kim Chau, Ngoc, Forging equipment, steeds… NPH has also made an announcement and sent players 8 things to do. before the end of season 1, including: Increase Dien Monarch to level 10; Quickly complete Achievement Points above 15000 to receive season rewards; Accumulate a large number of Generals, the new season will resolve to receive Strategy Points; Accumulate Gems, Forge equipment, Connect with Allies and build Allied goals, determine the layout of the new season and finally plan to reclaim the new season and lineup.

    Three Kingdoms - Strategy

    In season 2, Tam Quoc Chi – Strategy will also bring “New Generals – New Strategy – New Experience” for SLG Three Kingdoms fans. The game will launch 8 new generals with a system of exchanging cards for new strategies. A new force named Quan Hiep Kha also appeared, confronting the main army, attacking PVP to accumulate resources.

    Season 2 promises to create a true and enthusiastic confrontation battlefield, when the Three Kingdoms world will be filled with great battles of the masters, gathered from the great servers of the first season. The game is expected to allow the first players to experience season 2 on March 11, 2023.

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