Tips for playing Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

Tips for playing Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop


2022-12-05 06:03:41

There are some good tips when playing Happy Sugar Hot Pot Restaurant that will help the hot pot restaurant grow faster that sometimes they don’t notice. Each player will have Management tips for Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop their own, but all will have general tips for newbies when playing My Hotpot Story.

My Hotpot Story is an extremely hot simulation role-playing game today, basically the way to play the game My Hotpot Story is not new, but it is creating a global phenomenon when continuously the top trending series of Google Play. Below will send you some tips to play My Hotpot Story to quickly become crowded and rich.

How to play the game Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop effectively

Complete the suggested quest

Any management game will have a task list to make gold money quickly. And so is Happy Sugar Hot Pot, we need to complete the simplest jobs that are easy to earn money to improve our restaurant as soon as we start playing.

Tips for playing Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

Make money even in your absence

In the game Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop will be divided into 5 types of staff: waitress, cashier, bartender, chef and receptionist, all of whom will perform different jobs in the restaurant. However, the job of washing dishes can only be done by you, so make sure the dishes are always on the shelf, even if you are not present, the restaurant’s revenue is still guaranteed.

Restaurant staff

Enter giftcode Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

Regularly following the pages that provide the My Hotpot Story code is also very effective, you have the opportunity to receive many great free gifts.

Restaurant upgrade

Visit the game store often to see what you can buy with your money and rank. Depending on what upgrade, the restaurant will receive different stat bonuses:

  • Exterior decoration keeps potential customers waiting in line longer and attracts more people.
  • Decorating the lobby attracts more customers, increases dining time and increases idle money.
  • Decorating the kitchen helps speed up cooking time and generate idle cash.
  • VIP decoration, Theater and Buffet will open up new dining areas.

Regularly open Lucky Cat to get ingredients

Lucky Cat will bring new ingredients to help you have more new dishes, new recipes bring more revenue to your store.

After collecting new ingredients from Lucky Cat, we will also increase the number of tables to be able to welcome more guests.

Upgrade, develop menu, new hot pot unit

After getting new ingredients from Lucky Cat, don’t forget to visit the creative restaurant to create new recipes.

Initial 1-star dishes can also be upgraded to 5-star and will increase your restaurant’s profits.

New flavor hotpot can also be created through mixing different flavors in the pot of hot pot to bring a new and attractive hot pot taste.

Create new dishes
Create new dishes

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