Today’s top earning Livestream apps

Today’s top earning Livestream apps


2021-12-21 18:18:37

To become a streamer is not difficult, you just need to determine what you want to do and choose one of the following Livestream earning apps.

Becoming a streamer, earning money playing games and receiving the love and affection of the community must be one of the most popular dreams of gamers around the world, not just Vietnamese. To play a small part in making your dream come true, we’ve compiled a list of money-making live streaming apps that you can try your hand at in the future.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a powerful online livestream social network that is not only a game but also allows you to live broadcast your special moments, chat live with friends or make video calls. It is available in more than 150 countries, has been downloaded more than 400 million times and is one of the favorite money-making live streaming apps in Vietnam.

In Bigo Live, you can show off your skills to the world through its live feature. Like millions of other people streaming on this platform, as long as you have talent – ​​whether it’s playing games, singing, dancing, eating, acting, comedy, etc., you can find success. It’s also a new way to explore worlds and people you never knew existed.


In the list of money-making livestream applications, there is Nonolive, an application from Hong Kong. It gathers many high-quality exclusive streamers, hotgirls and famous gamers, so it also has a large community. This gives you a chance to succeed when coming to the platform.

Livestream apps make money

The outstanding feature of the application is online real-time interaction. You can chat with your audience in real time and share your feelings with everyone in the live room. Note that when streaming on this platform, you must accept the exclusivity and cannot go to other platforms during the contract period.

Nimo TV

This is a money-making livestream application with the appearance of many famous people such as Mixi, Rambo, Bo Bim, Sena Meta, Quang Ngoc Trinh (QNT), Misthy, Mimosa, Snake, Dev Nguyen and Nhism, etc. successful streamer, you can set up your own fanclub, design your own badge for the group, give them gifts, etc.

Because Nimo TV is very fond of hot games around the globe such as Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG, GTA 5 ,PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, Minecraft, Mini World, Free Fire, and many other interesting PC games, if you are one “hardcore” gamers, then Nimo TV can be a very good choice. This is also one of the rare money-making live streaming apps that regularly cooperates with publishers to live stream regional and world-class eSports tournaments.


Hakuna is an interactive livestream social application where people can meet, chat and make friends through streaming channels. Live streaming on this platform is quite easy, and your income comes from viewer rewards just like Twitch or other familiar platforms.

Livestream apps make money

When you become a “star” on Hakuna, you can become a guest on a live chat with many other guests, so this is a useful platform if you not only dream of being a streamer but also want to meet new people. people with the same aspirations.


Uplive is a money-making live stream app that helps you connect, interact and broadcast worldwide, with no limit to the content you want to transmit. You can find people who love to watch singing, dancing, chatting, playing games, and even trendy virtual livestreams. The virtual livestream feature is exactly like Vtuber channels but simpler, because you can create a character from A to Z by yourself, just need a few simple steps.

Livestream apps make money

Once you’ve finished designing your character, you’ll have plenty of costumes and backgrounds to choose from. When using this character to livestream, your blinking, pouting or sticking your tongue movements will all be transferred to the virtual character’s face. In addition, you can also control your avatar to perform many interactive actions during the livestream.


Above, we have introduced to you 5 of the most popular live money making apps today. Choosing an app and streaming can be easy, but the road to success isn’t quite so simple. But be patient, maybe luck will smile and you will become a big streamer in the future?

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