Toji has a grand opening in the new trailer of Jujutsu Kaisen ss2

Toji has a grand opening in the new trailer of Jujutsu Kaisen ss2


2023-05-26 03:08:58

The next official trailer for the Jujutsu Kaisen ss2 anime has been released with many attractive new images, among them the scene where Gojo is overwhelmed by Toji.

Jujutsu Kaisen ss2 will be officially released later this summer, and the new trailer of the film has given the audience a better look at the character Toji Fushiguro. The Jujutsu Kaisen ss2 anime will be broadcast on multiple platforms and premiered as part of the Summer 2023 anime schedule, which will first begin with an adaptation of the “Gojo’s past” story from the original Jujutsu manga. Kaisen by Gege Akutami. This will be the movie that fills in the gaps in the plot and answers many of the questions left by the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, and introduces some new characters with important roles.

The story of Gojo’s past includes the “Hidden Inventory” and “Premature Death” sections. The plot begins when Satoru Gojo, Suguru Geto, and Shoko Ieiri are assigned a new mission to protect an important character, Riko Amanai. Here, fans get to meet Megumi’s dead father, Toji, who has a great influence on the past and future of Jujutsu Kaisen as he tries to hunt down Riko and encounter Gojo, even Toji even made the “national teacher” almost go to sell salt.

Toji has a great stage debut in the new trailer of Jujutsu Kaisen ss2

Toji Fushiguro, born Toji Zenin, is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a former member of the Zen’in clan and a notorious assassin under the name of a Spellcaster (Sorcerer Killer), contracted by the Star Church and other groups during his time. him as a magician. He is also Megumi Fushiguro’s father and an old enemy of Satoru Gojo. While working for the Star Cult, Toji acted as the main antagonist in Gojo’s past.

Similar to Maki, Toji was born with a curse spell that prevented him from using the spell sequence. However, Maki had at least some magic power, and he absolutely did not. As a result, he possesses outstanding physical strength, all senses reaching the point where he can interact with cursed spirits. Since Megumi’s father had no spells, he was able to stealthily assassinate the magician without them being detected. Toji was able to defeat both Gojo and Geto in their first encounter, pushing Gojo to the brink of death. Toji was later killed by Gojo in the second encounter, before he died thinking of his family and telling Gojo about Megumi.

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