Tom and Jerry Japanese version suddenly caused a fever all over MXH because it’s so cute

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2022-11-29 23:16:03

Japan has just caught the attention of online communities around the world because of its super cute version of the childhood cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry Japanese special edition

Recently, Cartoon Network in Japan has released a new super cute version of “Cat and Mouse”. Accordingly, the new concept of this version is filled with lovely pink color. The main characters are still kept the original but with bold chibi drawings.

This new version will have 3 characters, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy mouse. The special will also not have violent fighting scenes, explosions, death or simply suffering. The familiar chase scenes will be more kawaii style.

Tom and Jerry cute Japanese version

However, this cute version is not intended to replace the original. SoraNews24 says this version is intended to be broadcast on Cheese Day. This special episode airs once a year on 11/11 and lasts for 7 hours. The reason for choosing Cheese Day to play the special Tom and Jerry episode is because this is Jerry’s favorite dish.

Cheese Day

Overall, this creation will create a new color, new joy for fans and these immortal characters.

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