Top 12 free Android emulators for computers

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2023-01-24 22:53:11

Do you know about emulators as well as the best Android emulators? Please refer to the article below to learn more.

What is Android emulator?

An emulator is a piece of software that simulates the operating system of a device without the need for hardware.

So Android emulator software is software that emulates Android operating system. It makes it possible to use Android on your PC without a phone.

Who needs an emulator?

  • Android emulators were born for those who want to experience smartphones on computers.
  • Testers, web development designers also use emulators to evaluate their products.
  • In addition, those who want to experience mobile games on computers can also use emulators.

Who needs an emulator?

Levels of the emulator

There are two popular levels of simulation: low-level emulation (LLE) and high-level emulation (HLE).

Low-level simulators will have a hard time recreating complex objects. To do this, low-level emulators need hardware support.

Simulator levels

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Notes to know when using Android emulator software

Advantages of android emulator

  • Emulates almost any version of the operating system even though it’s quite old.
  • The software will help evaluate the effectiveness of the interface and operating system through different versions.
  • Improved mobile gaming experience better for people who are used to typing.
  • Compact, convenient, simple, familiar easy to operate, ..
  • Capable of emulating all hardware as software.
  • Very rarely errors, there are many special features added.
  • Graphics quality is better than original device.
  • Save money on equipment purchases.
  • Support to install applications, mobile apps that are not compatible with your operating system.

Advantages of using Android emulators

Limitations of android emulator

  • Sometimes the operation is slow due to the difference between instruction sets.
  • Some emulators require high configuration computers, high graphics cards, otherwise it can lead to many lag errors.
  • Some emulators only support AMD processors or only support a single Android version.

Limitations when using Android emulator software

Top best Android emulators

1. Nox App Player

Nox App Player is an emulator that supports mobile gaming on computers. Currently this emulator has support for Google Play and Multiplayer mode to help perform multiple tasks at the same time on the screen.

Nox App Player

2. LDPlayer

LDPlayer supports playing Android games very well, with high stability, easy-to-operate interface, Multiplayer, with Vietnamese language support. However, the computer’s graphics card requirements are high.


3. Bluestacks

When it comes to the most commonly used Android emulator, it is definitely Bluestacks. You can play the game from the Android store without installing. Bluestacks is free, does not need Android SDK, etc. However, it needs a highly configurable device, can be laggy and needs to be synchronized.


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4. Droid4x

Although Droid4x is not popular, it is also appreciated for its lightness, virtual keyboard support, screen recording. One limitation that is said to not affect too much is that Droid4x cannot voice chat.


5. Memu App Player

Memu App Player is built on top of Android 4.2.2 and has many improved features. This emulator allows you to adjust parameters while using, share files, drag and drop files easily. But this support can cause lag when opening multiple interfaces at the same time.

Memu App Player

6. Android KOPlayer

KOPlayer is known as one of the first few Android emulators that integrates famous games. It is also popular for its lightweight configuration, Vietnamese language, easy data recovery, etc.

Android KOPlayer

7. Genymotion

Genymotion is quite picky about users because of limited free and paid features. However it emulates many different Android versions through customization. Also you can customize the size and resolution.


8. Android Studio

Android Studio is licensed by Google with Vietnamese language support. This is the right emulator for mobile app developers.

Android Studio

9. Windroy emulator

Windroy only costs less than 100 MB, compact, simple, easy to use but it only supports one version of Android 4.4.

Windroy emulator

10. Jar Of Beans

Jar Of Beans is simply a compact exe file that does not need to be installed, integrated with Google Play. However, getting used to this emulator is quite complicated and takes time.

Jar Of Beans

11. Emulate GameLoop

Gamers certainly cannot ignore GameLoop because this Android emulator is developed by Tencent. Of course, under the leadership of a big man, GameLoop has a lot of advantages from being compact, easy to install, but contains many features that cause lag and unstable graphics.

GameLoop emulator

12. Remix OS Player

This software is designed mainly for gaming, but it does not receive much popularity because it only supports AMD processors.

Remix OS Player

Above are the top best Android emulators that Tin Hay VIP would like to recommend to you. Do not forget to follow the page to update more interesting articles.

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