Top 12 most potential Chinese game companies in 2022

Top 12 most potential Chinese game companies in 2022


2021-12-21 05:35:18

INTERNATIONAL_ 12 Chinese mobile game companies are assessed as potential in 2022, promising to create new breakthroughs.

The recently released Gamma data assesses and examines the development status of potential Chinese game companies as well as their long-term competitiveness.

This is based on aspects of revenue, R&D, product health and overseas game release status. Below is a review of the following companies that may have the most growth potential in 2022.

Top 12 mainland game companies with the most potential in 2022

Accordingly, the game company NetEase is ranked No. 1. This is a company that fully meets the criteria for the potential evaluation set.

The company has potential like IP, overseas market, server base and cloud game. In terms of IP, NetEase Games continues to strengthen the influence of IP as Onmyouji. The company has developed card products, MOBA is highly appreciated.

NetEase also actively introduces globally famous IPs such as Harry Potter, in cooperation with Marvel. In which, the Japanese market is the main market, maintaining a fairly stable growth rate in recent years.

At the same time, new markets are also actively having new growth by attracting many highly qualified personnel to work.

Many experienced employees in famous manufacturers such as Capcom and Bandai Namco have joined the Chinese game company to produce games.

NetEase has a lot of growth potential

NetEase has a lot of growth potential

NetEase Games has a number of competitive advantages such as the ability to innovate in the genre in recent years. The games NetEase has produced have become a pioneer category when building themes and expanding game contexts such as the open-world survival game LifeAfter or the latest project game Code Candle, CITY. Death, test 12/29)…

NetEase is also continuing to explore in depth to expand the game environment like under the sea: Revelation Mobile previously, Code: ATLAS, Mission Zero…

Among the 12 potential game companies evaluated by Gamma Data, units such as 37Games, Shengqu Games, Perfect World have all been confirmed and always promise breakthroughs in 2022.

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