TOP 4 gacha anime games that occupy the spotlight in 2022 are loved by gamers

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2022-11-24 22:17:56

TOP 4 gacha anime games that occupy the spotlight in 2022 are loved by gamers

Up to the present time, there are quite a few gacha games that are loved by the gaming community around the world.

TOP 4 anime games that introduced in this article all work well on mobile and PC, including some games with ‘genuine’ PC versions, while other games need to be played through emulators.

TOP 1: Genshin Impact

Up to the present time, Genshin Impact currently holds the top 1 position in the current gacha anime game. This game currently accounts for 70% of the revenue of the world gacha game village.

Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo, takes players to the continent of Teyvat and participates in the adventure to find the loved ones of the Traveler as well as the conspiracy of many gods, mortals and the forces that intertwine them.

Beautiful 3D graphics as well as quality combat system are the things that attract gamers to the game.

After more than 2 years of release, Genshin Impact’s popularity doesn’t seem to have decreased even though a series of different gacha anime games have been born in the hope of sharing a share with miHoYo’s game.

TOP 2: Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Nikke is known as the gacha anime game from the Korean developer Shift Up.

Nikke has a fairly simple gameplay but is unique in that it is a third-person shooter and the main characters are lovely girls.


They are all called Nikke and these are all human-made warriors to fight against the Rapture army that has taken over the surface of the planet, you are the commander of this warrior team.

Nikke’s attraction comes from the gentle but extremely high-definition 2D graphics background, the characters are lifelike thanks to Live2D technology.

The female soldiers of the game are all voiced by Japanese seiyuu with elaborate and detailed designs from costumes and weapons.

The effect of fire, explosion … of the game is also 2D, but it is completely capable of giving the player the feeling of being on a real battlefield.

One of the downsides of Nike is the level of plowing that the game requires and gamers are forced to spin a lot of copies to be able to upgrade them to the maximum.

TOP 3: Tower of Fantasy

Like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is known as an open-world gacha anime game, but the difference of this game is in the MMORPG genre.

Therefore, you will meet many other players as you explore the world. The combat array of the game is in the guillotine genre, so the battles will look very flowery and flashy.

tower of fantasy

Unlike Genshin Impact, the gacha element in Tower of Fantasy mainly focuses on the character’s weapon system.

So even if the game has 5 active gachas at the same time, you just need to focus on the limited weapon banner when playing.

This is considered the only gacha anime game currently that allows the player to co-op freely with the people they meet in the world of the anime.

TOP 4: Azur Lane

Azur Lane, despite being an old game, is still a hit game with new content that is constantly being updated.

The game belongs to the shoot’em up genre combined with gacha, where the battleships that participated in World War 2 are anthropomorphized into unique anime girls, hitting all the interests of gamers.

Azur Lane

One of the advantages that makes Azur Lane so popular with the player community is its generosity.

The game’s SSR rate is 7% and is among the highest in the current gacha anime titles.

Players only need to turn out the character once is enough because the game does not require players to own copies to be able to upgrade their battleships to the maximum.

In addition, the collaboration with World of Warships – one of the rare naval war games in the world has helped Azur Lane increasingly attract the gaming community who like ships, especially in the context of the quality of World of Warships. was going downhill and Azur Lane suddenly became a new ‘stopper’ for this community.


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