Top 4 mobile games ‘hit’ on iOS in the Chinese market today

Top 4 mobile games ‘hit’ on iOS in the Chinese market today


2023-05-25 21:05:53

One of XD Network’s new games released in beta has made it to the top iOS free games list.

In the list of Top 10 free iOS games in China today, XD Network’s new game accounts for 7 products. Among them, Torchlight: Infinite, 最后原始人 by Sanqi, New Game by CMGE and Yuefu are taking the top.

At the end of May, three notable games appeared on the market, including Sanqi’s Mortal Cultivation Fairy Tale: Sanqi’s Human Heavens, Chaoxi Guangian’s Unscrupulous Man 3, and 重返未来: 1999’s competition. XD Network products.

Torchlight: Infinite

Among the top 4 new games with the most outstanding achievements in new products released this month, the most prominent is Torchlight: Infinite, which has been released since May 10 and estimated iOS cumulative revenue in 10 days after the release exceeded 30 million yuan.

Torchlight: Infinite made a mark when it was released in the mainland.

It should be pointed out that the daily revenue of the game on iOS still maintains an excellent performance of over 1.5 million yuan. No matter what, In theory, Torchlight: Infinite should have over 100 million in monthly sales in its first month of release, making it the first new game to have over 100 million monthly in sales. New game launch in May.

As a product that XD has devoted a lot of effort to, Torchlight: Infinite has many big changes compared to other games of the same genre. The game continues to exploit Torchlight’s IP worldview, developed using the UE4 engine, and creates a new fantasy land with a perfect combination of punk and magic with new generation graphics.

The Ultimate Destination Primordial Man

In addition to Torchlight: Infinite, The Ultimate Game of Primordial Destination was officially launched on May 6. Currently, the total daily revenue on iOS​ is around 13 million and revenue, stable at more than 1 million and the purchase volume is very stable. Following this momentum, the game is likely to surpass 60 million yuan in the first month of the full platform launch.

New Unrepentant People

The next product is Tan Real Luong Nhan, which officially launched on May 11. Thanks to the strength of IP, game revenue has increased relatively quickly, total estimated revenue on iOS in the first week of release. over 10 million and daily revenue on iOS is close to 1 million. Combined with Android devices, the first month sales of mobile games exceeded 50 million yuan.

Falling Descendants of Japanese Swordsmanship

Falling Desperately Ngu Kiem Nhat Ky was released by CMGE. Although the game was released quite late (May 18), the estimated revenue on iOS on the first day of release was close to 1 million yuan and achieved the best performance among new games released in recent years. recent days. The game topped the list of top grossing games on the chart, has grown to more than 30, and iOS daily earnings have consistently surpassed 1 million.

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