Top 4 types of buildings that are easiest to build

Top 4 types of buildings that are easiest to build


2021-12-21 11:34:18

Construction is an extremely important and equally interesting activity in Minecraft, allowing players to unleash their creativity.


Fountains are one of the simplest types of construction in the Minecraft world and are commonly found in villages. All you need to build this structure is a few stone blocks, rudimentary tools and a bucket of water. Although it is so simple, if built meticulously and carefully, the fountain will still become extremely shimmering, adding to the aesthetics of the open space.

Tree house

A tree house is a very convenient building to build because trees are always available in Minecraft for gamers to use. First, you will need to clear the leaves to create space for the building. Next, you can also use scissors to collect leaves and decorate the exterior of the house. A ladder is also extremely necessary to facilitate movement.



Statues are among the most creative in the game. They can be modeled on anything the player wants and can therefore be personalized to be extremely meaningful. From witches to gargoyles, most statues require a specific type of block to build. Fortunately, Minecraft has a multitude of different types of blocks for you to choose from and create as you like.



The swimming pool is a great highlight, creating a luxurious touch for the player’s base or housing project. The easiest way to build a swimming pool is to dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water. You can also use different blocks to beautify and decorate the pool, like quartz and concrete.


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