Top 5 big hand generals season 20 – a punch on the board is real!

Top 5 big hand generals season 20 – a punch on the board is real!

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2021-12-21 05:22:15

It can be said that the advantage of hand damage that causes more STP is extremely powerful in Lien Quan Mobile. However, does every Mage have this ability?

Lien Quan Mobile has a lot of generals who own quality basic attacks, which are very beneficial for duels or monster farming, but there are also some generals who still have to use the Apocalypse Sword to be able to optimize their abilities. shock damage and melee combat. That said, the advantage of hand damage dealing more STP is extremely powerful. So, is it only mages who possess this ability? Let’s find out with now!

Relief crew

The strong point of Dieu Thuyen is the ability to control the enemy and the ability to dodge extreme moves, so right from the beginning of the game, she has proved to be beneficial with control and continuous damage. Thing Boat appeared in the tournament with the role of countering and outing extremely high-quality enemies.

Dieu Thuyen’s skill 2 has 2 freezes, a paper-blooded enemy that gets hit with the ultimate will definitely have to go to the countdown board. Notably, after freezing, Dieu Thuyen’s normal attack causes a huge amount of STP, so players can choose to attack more or add combos, “out of sauce”!

Dieu Chuan does not need to build equipment for hand attacks, but only needs to be on items like masks, Xuyen Tam Command, even Sword of Wisdom to both deal damage and be strong and also treat tanks well. .

In general, the ability to control is still what helps Dieu Thuyen keep his position in the past many versions of Lien Lien Mobile when he can get out a lot of generals rushing in. However, only those who are really passionate will choose Dieu Boat!

Players can take advantage of this champion’s passive as an armor to block damage and block moves. When holding Dieu Boat, priority should be given to catching and combining control assistant generals, so fight in narrow, limited areas for the enemy Gladiators to control.


A lot of gamers wonder why Zephys on all players can cause a huge amount of damage. At rank, the equipment of this general is very diverse such as: Leviathan Ax, Longinus Spear, then maybe Ice Cloak, Sword Complex, defensive equipment like Troy Medal. However, if you want, the player can completely transform into full damage.

The biggest reason is that Zephys has a basic attack that deals a large amount of STP after his ultimate hits the target. So, it can be said that Zephys is a Jungler that does not depend much on equipment, but most importantly, has the correct ultimate to deal more damage and control the enemy.


In addition, after launching skill 1, basic attacks also deal a large amount of damage. If Dieu Chuan just freezes then launches and basic attacks, Zephys’s ultimate hit is to launch and basic attack to deal tons of extra magic damage.

Currently, this is still a good rank climbing card and players can climb the rank “stable” when applying Zephys’s resistance with durable passive, the less health the more buffalo to pull, flip the fight. good or simply capture the ADC generals to shock the enemy’s damage.

Note, although it does not depend on equipment, without the Blue buff, Zephys can hardly fight and put pressure on the main enemy.


With Kahlii, players can quickly clear minions, defend or crush enemies very easily. Besides, this general also has extremely “painful” normal attacks, ready to hand-to-hand when needed. That’s also why in the previous version, Kahlii’s passive was reduced by 50% to damage turrets because her STP was really “tense”, while normal shooting was extremely powerful.


In the case of having to confront a poke enemy, Kahlii can completely reduce the poke from them, such as Elsu, Igyy, … for example. The poke range of Kahlli’s ultimate blows will make every opponent who gets bloodied cry because she is known as the master of poke.

Take advantage of narrow areas such as Dragon cave, bat cave, Kahlii closing the corner is extremely dangerous. However, the weakness is that when using the ultimate, the player cannot use the Frost Orb, so many assassins often take this opportunity to shock the Kahlii dame immediately. If you have a teammate that unleashes or controls it first, it will be much easier to play Kahlii.


This is not a hot pick general, but it is extremely useful against enemy tankers and gladiators. Mganga possesses a huge amount of damage, the amount of STP in a normal attack when the enemy is imprinted is extremely high.

The best way to play Mgana is to actively knock down the enemy right from the beginning of the game because right from level 1, in terms of damage and skills, it is difficult for anyone to dare to compete with Mgana. At rank, early game junglers are usually not too strong, so Mgana with 3 hits 1 and normal hits can completely put pressure and drain extremely uncomfortable and get the first victory.


However, this is a slow and sluggish general, so it is necessary to consider robbing or calling teammates for support or in other words, needing teammates to create a premise for fighting and controlling. Furthermore, the healing reduction from her passive and the ability to heal causes Mgana to be offset by peak damage and healing.


In the updated version, Zill changed a lot of mechanics, so the gameplay and combos were different and depended heavily on the accuracy of skill 1 to be able to poke and imprint and then use skill 2 to continue. close to enemies or poke them. Currently, Zill’s ultimate is difficult to shock because it no longer has passive, so it can only be used to chase when needed or out!

As such, playing Zill now prioritizes damage from using the 1st and 2nd skills accurately on enemies and passively, along with quality hand attacks. And to get good hand attacks, the player must carve the mark from 1 skill 2 on the target and then just hit the hand to automatically cause more STP.


Therefore, Zill can now build optimal equipment in terms of handplay like Doomsday Sword or Mid is also very strong with Flash or Explosion, while jungle is still the same as before with fast farming and eating characteristics. easy consumption.


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