TOP 5 top-notch “gambling is a poor uncle” anime – Lesson plan for Tet 2023

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2023-01-24 10:56:52

As a famous Gypsy once said: “The one who doesn’t play is the winner”. With content about dry bets and sophisticated cheating techniques, the following TOP 5 gambling anime is just what you need to be enlightened from the casinos going forward, blackjack, crab (or… vice versa) ).

Kakegurui – Black and Red Academy

Coming to the “introductory lesson”, would like to introduce the anime Kakegurui – Red Black Academy. Adapted from the manga of the same name by Homura Kawamoto and Toru NaomuraKakegurui is a work revolving around a special academy, where the richest students in Japan attend. In this school, the grades of students are determined based on a complex system of gambling games where they must place their destiny in it. If you win, you will get a high rank and the admiration of others. If you lose, you will become a debtor and must be enslaved to the winner.

With all kinds of scams in various gambling genres, Kakegurui will show you how scary this “fun”. This New Year, even if you pull blackjack, it’s okay to be gentle, but not to run out of lucky money!

No Game No Life

As one of the most trending anime ever, No Game No Life is the funniest and most engaging gambling anime you can find. Together with two genius game brothers, Shiro and Sora, we will be transported to a strange planet where all problems are solved by games and betting.

Coming to No Game No Life, we will see the “brain hack” phase, unexpected moves and virtual victories more than the sentence “let mom keep the lucky money”. This anime also has some pretty interesting tricks, so watch it now, maybe you can “trick” a lot of people.

Death Parade

If the other anime on this list are simply betting on money, status, power, etc., then Death Parade is a game that decides the player’s life and death. Released in 2015 by studio Madhouse production, each episode of Death Parade is a game with two participants. The winner will be resurrected, and the loser will have to die.

With their lives at stake, will players be able to keep their humanity and fight fairly? What is the true face of each person when facing death? If you don’t mind watching anime with death at the beginning of the year, please enjoy Death Parade.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is adapted from the extremely popular manga of the same name by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. The anime follows Kaiji Ito, a man who was tricked into assigning huge amounts of debt. To solve it, Kaiji is invited to board a gambling ship where he has to mortgage everything on his body in search of a chance to change his fate.

Watching this anime, you will see that the words of a famous wanderer are right: “The one who doesn’t play is the winner. If you don’t work and ask for food, you will only eat ***, eat ***”.

Yugi Oh

Ending this list will be Yugi Oh, the legendary work of Kazuki Takahashi. Yugi Oh is about a student named Yugi Muto. After matching the “Thousand Year Treasure”, Yugi appeared a completely different personality from him. This personality is strong, confident and especially good at playing games.

Yugi’s other personality can be called a very heavy “hacking game” as he can easily draw the card he needs at any time. Even the dice have 6 buttons, but he shakes 7 buttons, who will play again! If this Kieu made a blackjack or a crab election, everyone would be spoiled for choice!

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