Trieu Van Truyen – Three Kingdoms-themed ARPG game announced the test time at the beginning of 2023

Trieu Van Truyen – Three Kingdoms-themed ARPG game announced the test time at the beginning of 2023

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2023-01-02 00:38:55

Trieu Van Truyen or Three Kingdoms: Zhao Yun is a single-player role-playing game that will launch a trial version in early 2023, continuing to exploit the theme of the Three Kingdoms.

Zhao Yun Truyen is a Single Player RPG game developed by Zuijiangyue Studio and published by Yishiguang Studio. The first test period was announced recently January 4, 2023. The development team has released the background of the classic supporting characters, namely Xiahou Lan, Lu Bu, Bui Nguyen Thieu and Truong. Dien. Images of supporting characters in this game have also been shared.

Xiahou Lan is a character from Trieu Van’s country, looks like a scholar, and is good at swordsmanship. Meanwhile, the character of General Truong Dien is the leader of the Yellow Turban army, from the same hometown as Trieu Tu Long. The leader of the surname Zhang was known as a bandit in Hebei, having had many conflicts with the military forces of the Shu Dynasty.

In the game, players will play the role of Trieu Van and experience the story content related to events like in the original Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia. Many gates and challenges require you to learn and improve skills to fight. On the basis of continuing the original setup, a lot of this “remastered” content is new, the plot is rewritten, and the game adopts real-time combat.

According to the development team in China, players can experience the magnificent Three Kingdoms period, get acquainted with heroes from all walks of life, challenge all kinds of assassins and difficult quests, and at the same time There are different story experiences related to the life of each hero or villain in the Three Kingdoms world.

Classic style combat RPG that allows you to relive the memory of the famous character Zhao Zilong.

The classic style combat RPG that lets you relive your memories with the famous character Zhao Zilong.

Trieu Van Truyen game is designed with classic 2D graphics, reminiscent of early ARPG role-playing games. But the character image is well designed, honestly describing the style and demeanor of the classic characters that pen La Quan Trung wrote in each chapter of the novel. The beta is being expected by the gaming community with many exciting events.

Three Kingdoms: Zhao Yun is a branch of the hit game Three Kingdoms in particular about the strong general under the Thuc Dynasty, Trieu Tu Long, so many people expect it.

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