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2023-03-30 12:09:04

Trifox is a 3D scene game reminiscent of the classic names of the same genre from the 1990s. It is a very familiar feeling of experience with full of mechanisms commonly found in ancient 3D scene games. From flexibly reusable level design for different experience situations, to the satisfying feeling when you successfully perform the difficult scene segment. It is also a humorous story, making players often laugh at the silly situations of the characters.

In fact, Trifox has all that and more. The game opens with an introduction to the life of the protagonist Trifox through family photos. Not long after that peaceful moment is a surprise raid by the pirate foxes, taking away the precious thing I want to save for laughter as you experience it. If you don’t say it, you will also guess that Trifox’s priceless object rescue is the player’s game experience, thought not exciting, no one expected to be incredibly excited.

Notably, the game is not portable, just with a very delicately designed tutorial in the direction of the player. You do not need to read these instructions if you do not want or are completely confident in your ability to experience 3D scene games like the writer. In fact, the gameplay of Trifox is not much different from the familiar gameplay mechanics of this genre. However, saying that does not mean that the game experience lacks creativity and does not have its own mark, but the opposite is the case.

For example, what surprised the writer from the beginning of the experience was that Trifox has three character classes: Warrior, Mage and Engineer. Each character class has its own skills, more or less bringing interesting replay value to the game experience. Specifically, Warrior as the name suggests is a ‘tank’ character class that uses strong but slow attacks and possesses skills specialized in “handling” crowds. In contrast, Mage is a long-range character class with diverse defense skills and a guerrilla attack that shoots and runs.

Engineer also favors long-range attacks, but is more military-technological, with the main weapon not only having a gun but also a combination of rockets and turrets. As mentioned above, each character has its own skill tree and can be unlocked through the coins collected in the game screen. More interestingly, players can mix skills from Trifox’s character classes, creating the most versatile character in the game experience from combat to scene. This is a rather rare design in the 3D scene genre.

In other words, the game encourages you to take advantage of the wide variety of customization between character classes and provide a compelling experience. While the skill tree of each character class feels similar, the game experience makes a huge difference even around the player’s ability to move and aim. You just need to change the seemingly similar skills of one character class to another, the experience also changes the way the player completes a certain level.

That’s not to mention the screen design is not as linear as other games of the same genre on the market. This is also another plus point of the game. Experience the game divided into different worlds. Each world usually has three main levels and one boss battle, but the final world changes this formula. Each world has a different theme and style of screen design, requiring players to destroy enemies through twin-stick control and solve puzzles to pass the level.

Trifox game review

More interestingly, the enemies in Trifox aren’t very diverse in build, but they behave very differently in each world. For example, in the first world, an enemy shaped like a blue ball deals continuous damage to the main character over time, while the same enemy in the frozen world shoots slow ice. Trifox’s step forward. Boss too, although they have a different shape, they have some of the same attacks that still create a new and unexpected feeling in boss battles.

However, the minus point of Trifox is the low-precision jumping mechanism. The writer just doesn’t know if this is due to the eternal problem of the Joy-Con controller or because this skill is poorly designed. It makes the scenes that require dancing skills sometimes quite inhibiting. That’s not to mention the camera angle changes quite often and often switches to angles that are difficult to observe the main character’s jump. In fact, this seems to be the design intent of the developer Glowfish Interactive to increase the difficulty of the game more.

The audiovisual aspect of Trifox doesn’t have much to say. Similar to New Super Lucky’s Tale and Kao the Kangaroo, a cartoon-style graphics building game with a cute main character. The only big difference is that the gameplay mechanics have more of an immersive action feel than a pure 3D scene like the two names just mentioned. Even so, the game still has many classic designs of the 3D scene genre. For example, the mechanism of collecting items to increase the reward factor, the character is afraid of water with puzzles that are not too complicated or riddled.

An interesting plus point of Trifox is the feeling of experience reminiscent of classic names like Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank. It is a feeling of curiosity, immediately wanting to try a new level after just completing the previous level with the thought of “trying a little and then resting” and getting caught up in the game experience. However, this is not an easy experience but sometimes becomes very challenging, requiring you to have the right strategy and position of the character for the twin-stick mechanism to shine, especially when fighting the boss.

Trifox game review

Ultimately, Trifox delivers an exhilarating 3D scene experience that’s both familiar and distinctive in nearly every aspect from a solid development team. You can see that from the very first moment of the game and lasts for the rest of the game. The game has a lot of notable pluses while very few minuses worth mentioning. If this is your favorite game genre, it is definitely an indispensable name in the game library.

Trifox is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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