Trigun Stampede episode 1 – 2: An impressive comeback

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2023-01-24 13:12:49

Who would have thought that Trigun would return in 2023 with the Trigun Stampede. While the film promises to be more of a new story about how Vash has handled his fame, Studio Orange seems to have done well in the spirit of the original series.

Episode 1:

Trigun is one of the few older anime I’ve seen two episodes into during Adult Swim’s heyday. It is a satirical work with Western colors. It’s funny, it’s quirky, it knows when to explode and when to look inside its characters. I know it can be discriminatory to mention some aspects of anime culture in the West, but Trigun was such an animated series that when I started watching it, I couldn’t separate myself from the screen and went. one shot to the end.

Trigun Stampede episode 1 - 2: An impressive comeback

The plot is impressed mainly by the lovable protagonist – Vash, who often plays the fool to hide his dangerous, deadly abilities. His pacifism became not only the main feature of his character as a most dangerous man, disdain for violence but also very self-loathing. For the most part, it was great to watch the old English dub because of how much energy and heart Johnny Yong Bosch put into Vash, but it’s also refreshing to hear the fiery enthusiasm that Onosaka Masaya has for the role. .

Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical about Trigun Stampede. Many people love Trigun: Badlands Rumble but it’s more of a fan-service movie, making people happy to see Vash again than giving old viewers anything compelling to hang on to. Stampede’s big draw is that it’s also an animated prequel that uses CGI, so if you’re allergic to 3D, it might end up making you a little less sympathetic.

At the same time, I can say it’s an attempt by the Orange studio to get back to the old Trigun-like wild feel. Studio Orange is also a force that cannot be underestimated because of their 3D CGI strengths across the Land of the Lustrous and Beastars series which have been hailed as the gold standard for what CGI should be like. Likewise, the Trigun Stampede is truly devoid of sloppy images.

The setting is a bit confusing at first as they add the sci-fi soundtrack to where Rem sacrifices his life to save his adopted children, Vash and Knives. Compared to how painful the scene was in the original, it seemed a bit odd to make it look like an epic sci-fi epic.

But as the episode continued, many of my worries disappeared. CGs start to feel a lot more natural as time goes on, and they do a great job of mirroring the fun, expressive artwork of old anime with the way Vash and Meryl express emotions. At first, I worried that the animation seemed to emphasize the epic scale of the episodes rather than the fast-paced action or sharp shooting for which Trigun is famous.

Trigun Stampede episode 1 - 2: An impressive comeback

But with the duel scene, the animators went all out to recapture the chaos, speed, and expressiveness of the action scenes from the old anime. That’s the most impressive thing I’ve had with CGI as someone who’s watched quite a few sets using CGI.

Even at his young age, Vash was a lovable goofball who made Trigun a worthwhile experience. The work done to personalize these characters is especially good for Vash as he anxiously finds a way out of danger. It’s great to see that they’ve kept the same essence that made Vash himself, no matter what he looks like in the future or has a more youthful vivacious look.

One more thing, I don’t mind Milly not showing up because I’ve always liked Meryl better. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how they got rid of Meryl by withholding her overall embarrassment and anger over everyone’s hesitation to make the right judgment.

At the same time, she struggles because she’s still getting used to how the world works, making her less savvy about social norms that her boss Roberto has a more comfortable time with. when navigating around, as long as he has some alcohol on him. But to see her go from aspiring journalist to insurance job was a difficult transition. It feels like playing a prequel to GTA, where you see people you remember having to kill just walking around as if they weren’t going to get into a brawl.

Part of me is wondering how much of this is a prequel and how much of it is a re-imagining, considering how Meryl forgot who Vash was by the time the events of Trigun took place. strange. I can imagine that there is a possible amnesia situation if it is not a fantasy.

Trigun Stampede episode 1 - 2: An impressive comeback

Episode 2:

I’m glad the Trigun Stampede first episode’s beautiful animation wasn’t a fluke as episode 2 looked just as impressive as the previous one. I’m glad there have been so many cases where I’ve gone after CGI to know what it looks like, and knowing that this set looks to do well in 3D art style helped me get rid of my doubts.

There were times when I almost forgot it was CGI, like the chase scene where Vash is riding an emu while being tailed by Nebraskas. There’s a trick that always works in this episode where they focus on Vash’s profile so it captures him dodging, crouching, and wriggling away from obstacles and every time it looks smooth.

I also want to credit the designs for staying true to the original with Nebraska adapting some of the fun, wacky character designs the series brings to their villains. Father Nebraska in particular is an interesting presence because of the way they managed to make his jaw look as cartoonish and eccentric as possible. Chiba Shigeru is also an excellent character, chewing through the scene as he threatens to blow up everything and everyone for the bounty and his son.

Another aspect of Trigun Stampede that I enjoy is how they plunge into poverty as a determining factor in whether the people around Vash are able to let him walk past them. The old series was more concerned with the ethics of killing for a living, but the main moral dilemma in this episode is whether Vash’s escape leaves more impoverished families struggling as his bounty Is it possible to save many lives?

Rosa and Nebraskas are equally included in this episode as they are both portrayed as well-meaning people who are driven to remove any shame they would have for their actions if it were to be. means providing for their family. Just because Rosa is grateful for Vash’s kindness doesn’t mean she wouldn’t think about feeding her baby if she turned a blind eye to the money she would have turned away when saving Vash. To a similar extent, Nebraska needed money to avoid punishment, but Nebraska’s father still wanted to protect Gofsef from the cruelty of the world by tempering his spirit and keeping him sharp enough to defend himself. .

But because things like shame and pride don’t matter to an entity like Vash, he has the freedom to try to play the mediator and become a larger-than-life character who lets compassion becomes his strength. Meryl is annoyed by Vash’s insistence on running away but seems to understand his motives, as it becomes clear that power gives him the luxury to prioritize his protective and pacifist nature over war. Win the battles and destroy the enemies.

Trigun Stampede episode 1 - 2: An impressive comeback

It’s great to see that the 2nd episode of Trigun Stampede picks up the pace by making a really good return for Vash the Stampede as it reimagines the fast-paced action and western-style hoaxes that made the price. value of the first anime season. From the looks of things, episode 03 will likely bring Knives back to the world with old world technology that has clung to Gofsef.

Needless to say, Trigun Stampede has become a must-see anime of this anime season. It’s truly a wonder that studio Organge has given such a beautiful breath of fresh air to the Trigun series through smooth CGI animations that increase tension through fluidity and head-to-head action sequences. high quartet. Now I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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