Tyler1 severely criticized, calling the 2022 season ‘junk’

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2022-11-18 08:45:12

The famous streamer Tyler1 recently clearly expressed his annoyance and frustration before the last season of League of Legends.

After looking back on League of Legends’ past 2022 season through his previous matches, popular streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has come to a very simple conclusion: “This season is nothing but trash!”

The star streamer on the Twitch platform said that the last season was really bad from start to finish. He also believes that it is Riot Games – the people responsible for the development of the game that probably realize this. That’s why Riot has been working hard recently to bring back the great League of Legends. However, Tyler1 thinks that’s still not enough compared to everything going on inside the current game

“It was really bad!”Tyler1 said angrily. “Ever since the season started, we’ve been experiencing constant plowing and buying and selling of accs that are rampant throughout the game. Everyone starts with Diamond I rank and there is no need to play ranked matches.”

After the unpleasant experience of climbing ranks on the Korean server, Tyler1 still admits that players who use “dirty buffs”, i.e. people who rent match-fixing subtitles accounts, are still constantly appearing in his later matches.

“We made it to Challenger two weeks ago, I tried really hard to keep it up, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. I kept running into pre-fixed games, and of course I lost all the time. And now, I have been reduced to only 490 LP.” – Tyler is upset about his recent journey of trying to keep his Challenger rank

Tyler1 thinks his only bright spot this year is climbing to Challenger as a Support, but that’s still nothing compared to the bad experiences he’s had in League of Legends. “I do not care. Last year was really bad.”

Unlucky for Tyler1 as the new season will only start next January. That means Tyler still has to endure the negative aspects that appear in the game for nearly 2 more months if he still wants to continue streaming about League of Legends in the near future.

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