Ultimate Sackboy can be experienced on Android and iOS

Ultimate Sackboy can be experienced on Android and iOS


2023-02-21 15:11:52

Return to childhood with the endless runner Ultimate Sackboy game developed by Exient and officially released by Sony on February 20, 2023.

Return to childhood with Ultimate Sackboy

Participating in the game, players will transform into a guy named Sackboy running on a challenging track. On the track there are three lanes for gamers to choose from. You will have to swipe your finger left or right to change lanes to avoid obstacles like trucks, buses, trains and collect resources.

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The product possesses cute graphics, funny characters. The buildings and roads with the surface like giant canvas became the playground for Sackboy. The character’s movements are designed to be smooth and detailed, the world is diverse and full of color.

Ultimate Sackboy

Besides, players can freely customize the appearance of the character according to the theme they like in the costume shop. At the same time, by buying upgrades in the store, players can get add-ons such as magnets to attract coins, jet engines, jumping shoes, score multipliers, etc. to increase the character’s strength. .

Ultimate Sackboy

Ultimate Sackboy has a variety of game modes such as: single player, challenge friends and strangers. In addition, there is also a survival mode for gamers to challenge themselves. Therefore, the game promises to bring an interesting experience and increase attraction.

Game download link: Android, iOS

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