Uncharted Waters Origin Set Global Release Date on Android and iOS

Uncharted Waters Origin Set Global Release Date on Android and iOS


2023-03-03 07:18:28

Accordingly, LINE Games has just announced a brand new sea exploration role-playing game that will officially be available on March 7!

It is known that Uncharted Waters Origin is a new game project from KOEI TECMO designed according to the game series of the same name. This product marks the 30-year milestone of the game series and is considered to be the most powerful battleship game on the mobile platform ever.

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The game is set in the 16th century, a time when the sea still hides many mysteries. Joining the game, players will participate in a journey to explore the sea, a mysterious world that will bring excitement that you have never felt in other games.

Uncharted Waters Origin

Uncharted Waters Origin owns 3D graphics with high quality that brings sharp images, vivid sea world. Besides, the game has more than 104 fully choreographed tracks composed by famous composer, Yoko Kanno. In addition, the game developer’s team of veteran and enthusiastic voice actors will help gamers have the most authentic experience.

Uncharted Waters Origin

Coming to Uncharted Waters Origin, players will experience exploring the world through different features of the game such as sailing, adventure, fighting and trading, …

Uncharted Waters Origin

In particular, the weather and environment in the game will be based on historical data, so there are 20 different types of weather in the game. In addition, the characters and places in the game are based on actual history. Therefore, players will learn about the actual world history when experiencing the game.

Uncharted Waters Origin

Let’s countdown to March 7 to experience this super product right away! In addition, you can also register early for the game today to receive special gifts right on the opening day in the near future.

Game download link: Android, iOS

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