Valorant: How has the meta of 2022 changed compared to 2021?

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2022-12-03 05:59:15

From 2021 alone until now, Valorant’s meta has changed quite clearly, especially in the selection of Agents.

Since it was first released in June 2020 until now, Valorant has passed the 2-year milestone of development with a lot of improvements and changes in gameplay and the game’s meta. Not to mention the difference in the 2-year period, in 2021 and 2022 alone, Valorant’s meta has changed quite significantly. Especially given the popularity of the Agents.

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    Recently, the online community has summarized the selection rate of the Agents in the game each year. And the results were surprising with the top 3 choices.

    In 2021, the most popular Agent in Valorant is Jett. Next is Sova and Astra because of the usefulness of these two names in controlling the map. However, everything changed completely in 2022. Specifically, on November 16, 2021, Chamber was born, resulting in chaos for the entire meta of the game.

    The introduction of Chamber was seen as an option alongside Jett in the use of OP – a weapon capable of ‘1 shot 1 kill’. However, with ridiculous mobility and a skill set that allows Chamber to peek early and get kills without too much pressure if it fails, Chamber has been completely replacing Jett’s position and becoming the Cards are indispensable in any squad at the moment.

    In the remaining 2 positions, Fade gradually replaced Sova because she also has the ability to collect information, but in the starting segment as well as checking corners and coordinating with teammates, Fade is slightly better than Russian Agent. step. As for the Controller, with the super ‘catastrophic’ nerf on Astra, it’s quite understandable that this Agent is absent right after that update.

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