Valorant: Revealing a huge 5.12 update with a series of ‘terrible’ changes

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2022-12-03 10:00:42

Valorant’s 5.12 update promises to change the current meta with many huge changes aimed at Agents and the player experience.

Valorant is gradually entering the resting phase to prepare for a new season after Episode 5 Act 3 has been out for quite a while. In Act 3, there are not too many big changes, simply because Riot Games is trying to give gamers and professional players a long enough break after the extremely dramatic and stressful VCT Champions 2022.

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    However, after nearly a month of silence, many data mining experts all simultaneously commented, the upcoming update 5.12 (expected to be released next week) promises to be extremely large and bring great results. Valorant’s meta changeability is currently quite calm.

    Specifically, there will be 4 major update items released in December. Including one version 5.12 major update, playable maps changes, Chamber power adjusted and anti-smurf system.

    With the 5.12 update, many gamers predict it will bring a lot of hints about the map that will likely land in Valorant to create Ep 6 Act 1, as well as a lot of cool new gun skins and bundles. Map changes are also of great interest when it is highly likely that the Split map will have the opportunity to return to Valorant. Along with that, the new anti-Smurf system is also very much expected by the community when the smurf situation has almost invaded Valorant for a long time and there is no plan to reduce it.

    Valorant: Revealing a huge 5.12 update with a series of 'terrible' changes

    The most important thing, and also the information that many people are interested in – Nerf Chambers. After a long period of silence about the French Agent, Riot Games has now officially confirmed that Chamber is most likely (and probably certainly) will be “on the cutting board” after receiving too many complaints. gamers’ complaints. Chamber changes have not yet been announced by Riot Games, and gamers will likely have a better view of this update when it is officially tested at the PBE server next Friday.

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