Valorant: Riot Games confirms the launch of Team Deathmatch mode

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2023-01-24 23:16:55

Valorant’s design team has officially confirmed the launch of a team Deathmatch game mode called HURM.

In a video sharing about Valorant’s development roadmap in 2023, the design team of Riot Games has officially confirmed the team Deathmatch mode that the community has been waiting for so long.

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    This information immediately attracted the attention of many Valorant gamers. Because unlike the traditional Deathmatch mode, where players will shoot anyone they see, Team Deathmatch will allow players to form groups, and together aim for 100 kills. This is one of the traditional game modes, and has appeared in most shooting games such as Raid, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Seige, …

    Currently, this mode is being named HURM. And more specifically, this game mode will allow players to use the skills of the Agent to increase the attractiveness and tempo of the match. This is considered a very potential mode, which can help gamers relieve extremely well after the traditional Spike matches are extremely ‘brain-strained’.

    Most likely, HURM will land on gamers right in Act 1 of Episode 6. However, it still does not rule out the possibility that the team Deathmatch mode is still in the process of editing and perfecting, and gamers still need to wait. more time before it is officially included in the game. At this point, only one thing can be certain, HURM has been officially confirmed by Riot Games and will be released in the not too distant future.

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