Valorant: SEN Zombs player announced his retirement

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2022-11-29 21:14:55

One of the early Sentinels players – Zombs has recently officially announced his retirement from the professional arena.

Recently, one of the key players of the professional Valorant Sentinels squad – Zombs announced that he would not return to professional competition during a recent stream. Officially confirmed that he will retire from the career of “holding a mouse” after the ups and downs with Sentinels.

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    Zombs’ future has been uncertain since April 2022 when the Sentinels decided to put him on the bench and supplemented with Eric “Kanpeki” Xu. This team also completed two contracts, Sacy and pANcada, after getting a spot to attend VCT 2023. This made Zombs unable to compete for the position and had to find a new place. However, after many trials, he realized that the professional competitive environment was no longer for him.

    “I trained for several weeks straight, and the teams themselves saw my potential,” he said. But when I went to Los Angeles and talked to the owner of SEN. I realized I didn’t want to leave the Sentinels. I’ve been a part of this team since day one, since the Sentinels didn’t have a single fan. However, I will retire because I feel that I am no longer suitable.”

    Although retired, but fans of Sentinels and especially of Zombs can still meet him because even after retiring from the professional arena, Zombs will still stay at SEN as a content creator like the way tarik, aceu or sinatraa are doing.

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