Valorant: Team Big BAAM officially comes back with a “terrible” lineup

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2022-11-24 08:01:18

After the announcement of disbandment in July, Team Big BAAM has now returned with an extremely quality lineup.

Recently, on the official fanpage of Valorant Esports Vietnam, there was information that made all Valorant Vietnam fans “stand still”. Specifically, Team Big BAAM after the disbandment news in July will officially return with an extremely high-quality lineup, promising to be a new force of Valorant Esports in Vietnam.

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    “After many ups and downs, Team Big BAAM is officially back with a new shape that promises to continue to bring fiery battles to VCT Vietnam on the way to conquering their glory.

    Current lineup of BIG BAAM:

    • Ko0 – Nguyen Cong Minh
    • Nhatthong2k – Nguyen Nhat Thong
    • BMVZ – Bui Minh Vu
    • Layla – Hoang Duc Hung
    • P1nA2k4 – Nguyen Nam
    • d0rf – Pham Huynh Toan Quoc
    • Vizz – Hoang Viet (Head coach)”

    It can be seen that, with an extremely high-quality Lineup, including a series of cult players from Valorant Vietnam, this comeback of Big BAAM promises to be an extremely formidable force for any team in Vietnam. upcoming VCT Vietnam 2023 tournament.

    Founded in July 2021, the Big BAAM team is based on the entire lineup of the old SYG. This team is also the training ground that has produced 3 outstanding players, Cr4zyGuy, Gin and d0rf – which are extremely famous in the village of Valorant Vietnam and the whole Southeast Asia region. Big BAAM also has many outstanding achievements such as the 2021 VCT Championship: Vietnam Stage 3 Challengers 1, Top 5-6 VCT 2021 tournaments: APAC Stage 3 and 2 times Top 3 VCT ​​2022: Stage 1 and 2.

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