Valorant: The community discovered that Riot is secretly increasing the price of gun skins

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2022-11-24 16:15:02

Valorant: The community discovered that Riot is secretly increasing the price of gun skins

With the recent quietly increasing price of bundles in Valorant, is Riot Games silently ‘sucking blood’ from gamers?

One of the advantages that makes Valorant quickly have a certain place in FPS games is the extremely massive gun skin system with eye-catching design and effects. However, these skin lines are not cheap at all, even quite ‘bitter’. To own a skin with beautiful effects, it is estimated that you have to spend about 320 thousand VND or more.

But recently, the community is noticing that Riot Games has quietly increased the price of gun skins by pricing collections released recently. Accordingly, a share on Reddit has fully analyzed this ‘conspiracy theory’, which can make many people ponder:

Specifically, a player with the user name “Juansa7X” on the reddit forum shared the following: “Take for example the 2 bundles Crimson Dragon and Soulstrife, both of which are priced similarly but cannot be compared with Reaver 2.0. Riot does this so that gamers get used to the pricey skins, and when they release a bundle that costs 2175 VP, this will give the impression that users have finally received a ‘quality’ bundle, from That is spending more aggressively.”

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In fact, the bundles in Act 5 today are often quite ‘dirty’ and not worth the money compared to the guns in the previous Reaver or Ion bundles that cost 1775 VP. Even collections at 2175VP are not necessarily appreciated. Typically Chronovoid when this bundle also received more or less ‘brick’ from gamers.

1775VP for one of Soulstrife's weapons really isn't worth it

Soulstrife is really not worth the price of 1775VP

It can be seen that the analysis of the above gamer is extremely reasonable, and it is highly likely that Valorant gamers will have to wait a long time (or even no time) to see a high-quality bundle and worth buying. with the price of 1775VP like the previous Reaver, Ion, or Prime.

Bundle - Valorant

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