Valorant: The community is making waves because of the “chill” trend in ranked matches

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2022-10-04 03:05:57

If you want to chill, play shooting just for fun and relieve stress in Valorant, please don’t click ranked mode.

When playing Valorant and especially in ranked matches, you must have heard / seen the phrase ‘Chill bro’ many times while the whole team is being led quite deep. This can bring comfort from time to time, but it will certainly lead to a lot of frustration for teammates.

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      Valorant: Don't play ranked if you're looking to chill

    Indeed, ranked competition with a ‘for fun’ attitude is a hotly debated issue in the Valorant community recently. More specifically, in a recently posted Reddit post, a user said he was facing a situation where teammates kept wanting to ‘chill’ in ranked matches.

      Valorant: Don't play ranked if you're looking to chill

      Valorant: Don't play ranked if you're looking to chill

    “Last night, I played ranked with 2 friends. 2 randomly matched players instalock Duelist and constantly make stupid moves and put the whole team in a 3v5 situation for most of the game. But when I was asked to stop being aggressive, they got angry and told me to ‘chill’. All I want is just don’t troll in a RATING match. How do people think?

    In fact, the word ‘Chill’ here can be understood in a different way that is not the same as having fun. That’s why everyone should keep a relaxed mentality, don’t be too harsh in matches. But in the above case, in any sense, it is completely wrong to rush up and feed the network like that and use the word ‘chill’ as an excuse when being reminded.

    Under the comment section, many people also agree with this guy’s opinion. Given that, if you want to ‘chill’ shoot at will, want to experiment with tactics or simply play for fun, these players can go into Unrated.

    Indeed, the fact that Riot completely separates the Unrated and Competitive game modes is for its purpose. If you just want to play Valorant for fun, enjoy the thrill of shooting and don’t care about the outcome, play Unrated.

    When playing ranked, everyone wants to raise their level, so chilling is almost impossible. Not to mention, an Unrated match when losing won’t bring too much frustration, while with Competitive, a loss means all 5 players will have points deducted and downgraded. So if it’s not for yourself, then also for others, don’t take the ‘chill’ mood to shoot for ratings!

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