Veigar DTCL: How to summon, build, Veigar season 6 lineup

Veigar DTCL: How to summon, build, Veigar season 6 lineup


Veigar appeared in DTCL season 6 in a rather special way. You cannot buy Veigar directly, but can only own this Yordle name when you have all the Yordles on the field.

Not only that, the Yordle must all reach 3 stars for Veigar to appear in your queue, for gold, you have to spend 108 gold to achieve this. Veigar is considered a strong, very strong general in the 5-gold lineup even though Veigar’s skills do not have any special effects.

It is also easy for DTCL Yordles to get 3 stars when only 3 Yordles are needed, every game will have a random Yordle general appear on the field. Combined with the accumulation of money to roll and find stars for the Yordle.

How to make Veigar appear as soon as possible, then you need to prepare items for Veigar to make him stronger when casting. Here are some suggestions for you if you find Veigar – The Ultimate Mage Yordle.

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Skill: Veigar summons 20/30/99 Horn Monsters that randomly drop to an enemy, dealing 250/275/777 each.

Gear up for Veigar DTCL season 6

Veigar's items will require a lot of Oversized Sticks > Tears > BF Swords > Training Gloves. Veigar's skills are normally already strong, so you only need Blue Charm and Spear Shojin if you have few items. These items you can remove from Ziggs and then throw them to Veigar if you can't find them at the end of the game.

Yordle Boss Veigar lineup season 6 DTCL

veigar buy 6 dtcl

Currently, Veigar can only be combined with 6 Yordle, because the time to find 2-star Veigar has already reached the end of the game. So changing the lineup is not necessary at this time because Veigar will do everything for other damage Yordles like Ziggs DTCL, Tristana DTCL...

Unless you've run into some lineup with 1 or 2 5-gold 3-star champions, that's really when you should be concerned. Many people choose Foreign Soldier DTCL to build money and at the end of the game, they pop out and roll to a 5-gold 3-star general. Not to mention the name Tahm Kench DTCL season 6 this season has the ability to hack items and money when he swallows champions and then releases those things.

Usually in round 5-2 or 5-3 you need to meet Veigar. Then, maxing Veigar 3 in round 6-7 is beautiful. All Yordles now just need to shield Veigar well so he can deal damage.

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