What is iPhone lock? How to check Lock or International version on iPhone

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2022-04-25 13:11:57

iPhone lock is an iPhone sold with a carrier contract, so it can only be used with that carrier’s sim. Let’s find out what iPhone lock is with Dien May Xanh and how to check the Lock or International version on iPhone through the article below!

firstWhat is iPhone Lock?

iPhone lock is an iPhone sold with a carrier contract (managed by IMEI number, the hardware is completely the same) so Only sim cards of that carrier can be used.

For example, Viettel’s locked iPhone can only use Viettel sim, and international iPhone can use sims of all carriers in the world.

2Distinguish iPhone Lock and international iPhone

International iPhone and iPhone lock are both manufactured and available same qualitydiffer only in conditions of use. In the market, locked iPhone products are much cheaper than international iPhones.

iPhone Lock can be purchased unlock code to become an international machine, but you have to pay an extra cost.

The most common way is to use compound simis a thin piece of sim that sticks on top of a regular sim, helping the sim you are using to work like the sim sold by the carrier.

Because of using a paired sim, iPhone lock may encounter errors such as: error checking account and top up *101#, *100*, battery drain, poor signal, hot phone, faulty contacts, 3G, message error ,… Besides, every time the software is updated, users will have difficulty with minor errors that arise.

Distinguish iPhone Lock and international iPhone

3How to check iPhone lock and international like?

Use sim card of any carrier

The simplest and easiest way to do this is to put a sim card of any carrier into your iPhone, if the device receives the signal and works normally, then try continuing with a sim of another carrier.

If both iPhone sims receive waves, your device is an international device. And if the device does not recognize one of the two or both sims, your iPhone is the locked version.

Locked iPhone will have to use sim card

The simple way to check iPhone Lock is to use sims of any 2 carriers

Get support information from Apple

You just need to call 1800 1127 (from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) and follow the instructions to connect directly with Apple’s customer care staff. This number has no call charges and can be called from either mobile or landlines.

Apple’s customer service staff may not be Vietnamese, but their ability to listen and speak Vietnamese is quite good and fluent. As long as you speak at a moderate speed and clearly present the problem you are having, they will guide you wholeheartedly.

In addition to proactively calling Apple’s call center, you can also provide a phone number on Apple’s website for them to call you right away, or make an appointment for support to call you at a convenient time. convenience you want as follows.

Step 1: First, go to the homepage www.apple.com> in the lower right corner of the screen, select United States.

Select United States.

Step 2: Choose Iphone.

Select iPhone.

Step 3: Choose next support.

Next, select Support.

Step 4: Here you will choose Apple repair.

  Select Apple repair.

Step 5: Choose next Star a repair request.

Star a repair request

Step 6: The Vietnamese interface will automatically display, choose next Iphone.

Select iPhone next.

Step 7: Choose Apps and features.

Select Apps and features.

Step 8: Choose Content does not play as expected.

Content does not play as expected.

Step 9: Choose Schedule a call.

Select Schedule a call.

Step 10: Enter your device’s serial number, IMEI or MEID.

Enter your device's serial number, IMEI or MEID.

Step 11: Choose the time you want to contact

Choose the time you want to contact

Step 12: Enter personal information > Continue.

Enter personal information > Continue. ” style=”width: 450px; height: 461px;” title=”Enter personal information > Continue. ” class=”lazy” src=”https://cdn.tgdd.vn/Files/2015/09/07/697079/cach-kiem-tra-phien-ban-lock-hay-quoc-te-tren-ipho-11.jpg”></p>
<p>At this point, you just need to wait for the system to confirm support and wait until the time you have registered for support before to ask the staff to check for you!</p>
<h3><span class=4Should I buy a locked iPhone?

In general, with the same quality as regular international iPhones, iPhone lock still ensures the basic features of iPhone users.

If you have tight financial conditions and accept the limitations of iPhone lock mentioned above, then iPhone lock is also an option you can consider, because they will be cheaper than international iPhones. economic.

Should I buy a cheap iPhone lock?

Above is how to check if iPhone lock or international is sure from the company. Good luck to you, leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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