When Lady Dimitrescu transmigrated to the God of War Ragnarok . universe

When Lady Dimitrescu transmigrated to the God of War Ragnarok . universe

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2022-11-29 07:00:14

It seems that after being defeated by Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 8: Village, Lady Dimitrescu decided to quit her vampire career, switch to being a sub-boss in God of War Ragnarok

When it comes to Resident Evil Villagemost people will immediately think of Lady DimitrescuVampire lady character is extremely famous for her tall appearance. She is voiced by Maggie Robertson, an actress who has received numerous nominations and awards for this impressive portrayal. And after we parted Lady Dimitrescu, Fans can see Maggie Robertson again when she also appears in God of War Ragnarok.

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But Robertson himself is only listed as “dubbed”, hence the gamers God of War will have to… hunt down her character. In God of War Ragnarokone of the quite popular activities spread across the Realms is to search for steles Berserker, and beat the Berserker summoned from them. Defeating them all leads to a boss fight with King Hrolf Kraki. Some children Berserker locked until near the end of the game to be able to confront, including one at Vanaheim Craterand Skjothendi voiced by Maggie Robertson.

When Lady Dimitrescu transmigrated to the God of War Ragnarok 2 universe

Players can only confront Skjothendi the Unerring after coming back Niflheim while controlling Kratos. Skjothendi one of Berserker strongest in the game, with the ability to use Bifrost to attack the player. Of course because it’s a boss fight, Robertson’s voice acting will not be as diverse as with Lady Dimitrescubut still quite interesting for those who love her.

When Lady Dimitrescu transmigrated to God of War Ragnarok 3

One fan even pointed out the humorous similarity between Lady Dimitrescu and Skjothendi, that is the height. Lady Dimitrescu stood out due to his enormous height, and Skjothendi also a very tall character, above all Kratos, the owner of the height must also be close to 2 meters. Like Dimitrescu would like Ethan must die, of course Skjothendi also want to destroy Kratos. You have encountered Skjothendi in God of War Ragnarok not yet? The game is currently out on PS4 and PS5.

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